MODs; in light of the constant requests for RMP Recruitment info, training info etc, etc (and all that associated b@llox) yawn.............. Could I please, pleeeeeeeeeeese suggest that we have a sub Forum (as is already the case with the RAMC, QARANC) for 'Recruitment'. Cos it's getting really boring now 8O

Not that I'm in anyway knocking any of the boys and girls that wish to embark on their chosen career path.
I will agree with you on that one, there is a lot of RMP recruitment posts going up at the moment and it would be a lot easier if there was a sub forum as requested so people like me can find it easier to access info. i know i can "search" for info but to have it all in one forum would be great.

I agree an RMP sub form would be good, however, how abused is it going to get....

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