Recruitment drive fails to halt exodus

Did anyone pick up on this? Anybody got any another info?

Desert Rat 'mutineers' in new fight for justice

SOLDIERS convicted of taking part in the biggest mutiny in modern British military history are the subject of a fresh campaign to clear their names, after the government's decision to pardon servicemen executed for cowardice during the First World War.

In a principled stand against a high command which had lied to them, almost 200 Scottish and English "Desert Rats", from Montgomery's Eighth Army, were court-martialled for refusing orders to fight alongside American troops, instead of their comrades, in the September 1943 invasion of Italy.
Just to a add a spin to the article Arai posted,

Myself and many likeminded serving soldiers are getting increasingly frustrated at where the "Modern Army" is heading, back to back tours of duty to the foreign lands with little or no adequate training and woefully equiped we mostly get the "gucci" kit off the American guys etc.and were supposed to be the best army in the world!! Like most squaddies we just get on with it and mumble under our breath as usual. :twisted: No wonder most guys are buggering off and joining private security firms for better wages and lifestyle. :?

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