Recruitment Crisis?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Morty, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. I've read from various sources of the Army's current recruitment crisis (apparently the Infantry is 3000 soldiers down?). Most of these sources, however, are from sensationalist tabloid rags and the free paper from the train to work in the morning.

    Can anyone give an informed oppinion as to the nature of this 'crisis', what it would mean for the Army's current operational effectiveness, or maybe point me in the direction of any reliable sources of info on the subject?

  2. Why? your not a jorno are you?
  3. LOL I'm a youth worker. I have an interview with an officer on Tuesday regardring applying for a commission. If succesfull after RCB and RMAS I want to join the Infantry or RA, and from what i'd read it was the Infantry which was suffering. I was told to do a bit of research into the types of jobs I want to do and general Army matters. Also i'm just interested and enthusiastic about what will hopefully be my new career quite soon.
    A look at my previous posts and profile should hopefully prove that I'm defo not a journo. Sorry if this type of Q would make me out in this light, or could be construed as such.

    Incidentally, if I was a journo, i'd be a sleazy Daily Star type more interested in crack smoking soap stars and desperate glamour models, and wouldn't waste my time with serious questions like that.

    That doesn't really sell me as Officer material does it? D'oh.
  4. They have adverts and posters and the like everywhere for recruiting infantry, why only for infantry and not other branches of the army?
    Ive also heard the physical requirements have lessened, probobly to get more people to join.
    I fear they are looking for quantity rather than quality. A very american quality.

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  5. If a mate in the army gets you to sign up for artillery or infantry, he/she gets a Recruitment Bounty of £1300 when you complete training. It's just been doubled from £650 to boost the summer recruiting period.
  6. They should just recruit more from the commonwealth, would solve many problems.
  7. Why put yourself through weeks of BS basic training before being deployed on a peace mission when you can go to chav capital, get lashed up and have a good girly scrap any day of the week and then sleep it off the next morning?
  8. The same story was reported in the Daily Telegraph, June 27th, ref recruitment issues.

    Have a search of their online edition for more info.
  9. Why don't they raise the age limit to 35 or so, i'm sure there are a lot of older males and females out there
    who would love to join if they had the chance, but can't because of age restrictions.
  10. Crikey, I'm in my very late 30s and just about done time, believe me I'm bitter and twisted. I'd hate to think how twisted I would have been if I'd have joined at 35! :D
  11. LMAO, i'm just saying that because im 34 and wish i had joined years ago, but i have just joined the TA so that will do me,
    and i think there are a lot of bitter and twisted people out there who haven't served, so don't worry lol.
  12. The entire philosophy of recruit training is that you can treat an 18 year-old turd like an 18 year-old turd and get him to do change parades, dive through hedges, paint bricks and stag on. Even as you reach the mid 20s, this kind of breaks down, and recruits are too experienced/intelligent/educated/stubborn to put up with basic training and the life of a new private soldier. If you had 30 year-olds joining the army, unless they came through an entirely different route, I suspect most of them would sack it and PVR at first opportunity.

    If numbers are as low as all that, I would look at making new Commonwealth formations - promise all the raggedy Antipodeans full citizenship after 5 years service and you'll have the Southern Hemisphere's youth beating the door down. The AGC will be full of chunky Sheilas so fast you won't have time to breathe.

    Bring back a couple of others too - maybe a Sikh battalion and somewhere other than the Scots Division for all the Fijians to go.
  13. Recruitment problems are found all over the world in developed countries; the US for example is having big problems with it. Its just because of modern socitey I suppose, and it doesnt help that all the fighting is done in the sandpits at the moment. Dont worry, in 20 years they'll be queing for the chance to visit the beautiful N.Korean countryside :lol:
  14. I don't know what Regiment you serve with or what planet your sending this from, but commonwealth soldiers will NOT solve the problem at all. This is the British Army and although I'm proud to work alongside commonwealth soldiers I believe we have more than enough in our forces.
    The British Army should reflect British society and at the moment i'm working in a Sqn that has 10% Fijian Soldiers, how does that reflect society!
    This is a realist not a racist remark before somebody bleats.
  15. You're not being racist - just totally unrealistic. The Army has not represented British society for decades. When was the last time you went anywhere in civvy street and the company/club/firm etc was disproportionately full of jocks and taffs?

    There's loads of political and social factors that come into play, but it does boil down to British society being increasingly disconnected from the Army and young people not wanting to join. We don't have an openly flag-waving Uncle Sam type of patriotism like the Americans, so it is difficult to make fast changes in attitudes like they have over there (I believe concepts as simple as glamourous military movies can increase recruitment in the States) In Britain, slow declines can only be reversed with slow, gradual solutions - the only fast fix I can see is to recruit from overseas, just like the NHS - and obviously that means from the Commonwealth. The southern hemisphere seems to provide manpower for most other things, so the armed forces should be no different. It's not like there's a huge representation of Nepalese in modern Britain.