Recruitment centres

What DO they do in there all day?  

Does anyone on here work in one?  Can you shed some light?  


What do they do?  Well, I hope it's not what they do ALL day, but it seems to me that a good part of the day is spent peddling terminalogical inexactitudes.  For example:

"I want to join the RLC and learn to drive big trucks."

"The RLC lad?  No, <avuncular grin>, what you want is to join the Blankshires <fingers Blankshire capbadge fondly> - you can be in a rifle company and when you're there they'll teach you to drive lots of heavy vehicles so that you have a trade to work at when your period of engagement is up"

"What about all those pictures of people snorkelling and skiing in the window - can I do that in the Blankshires?"

"Of course!  <hearty grin>  You'll go adventure training at least once a year - Bermuda or the Alps: what do you fancy? <pushes Blankshire committed recruit form over to young innocent>"

"What's this?"

"Oh, don't worry lad, just write your name and address here, sign here and we'll send you some information on how you can have a fulfilling career in the Army"

This scene is replayed over and over again in the head of the poor sod as the police car sent to his registered next of kin address comes to pick him up for being AWOL after he realised that he wasn't going on any courses to learn to drive (because all the courses are reserved by those who have signed off) and he hasn't been to Bermuda or even Bournemouth to snorkel after three years and he ran away from the institution that decieved him.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Whenever I walk past the one near me (and admittedly it is the LONG way to the station but a girl needs her DPM-fix) there is an inordinate amount of them sitting around drinking tea...

And yes they do have the pictures in the window of people white-water-river-rafting.  But strangely no special display for the Jubilee.


I thought they just sat on fat backsides talking about the good old days and telling the young individual who walk in off the street that Deepcut is a safe place to do your training. :twisted: :evil: :twisted:
Remember that we work for the president now and not HM the Queen. Thats why there wasn't a special display for the jubilee.

Just think how many reformed druggies we would recruit if we told the truth? At least they reduce the amount of time you spend on stag whilst they are in.

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