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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Judgekid, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. I've catching parts of the new tv campaign and noticed that there seems to be an emphasis on the TA being something that is done in your spare time.

    Do they mean like a hobby?

    I thought that the TA were trying to get away from the 'hobby' notion and more to being in the TA is 'a lifestyle choice'.

    Thoughts appreciated.
  2. Well it is.

    And yes, exactly like a hobby.
  3. Interesting that they've rolled all four reserve services into one advert...trying to distace themselves from their regular counterparts?
  4. Well, if you want to recruit people with civvy jobs then it will have to get done in their spare time. And hobby ... well, yes. One you have to take seriously, one that you have to make sacrifices for and be prepared for the brown envelope ... but something done from choice in one's spare time. Now I know the usual suspects will immediately bang on about how it's a second career and all that shite but it won't pay your mortgage or give you a pension, and you can jack it in when you like (short of being warned for or on ops). That sounds like a hobby to me.

    The "lifestyle choice" line is wishful thinking peddled by those who want to see the TA become "Regular Lite" in a distinctly USNG style. Regardless of whether or not this is a good idea at the moment there is not the legislation, funding or political will to make this happen. And the more we ask soldiers to do the fewer we will recruit and retain - aka "creeping excellence". If we want to increase the size of the TA then we have to do it with a commitment sized such that more people can provide it.
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  5. It's a TV advert. It starts with something along the lines of "the average person spends 18 hours a week on the internet, I choose to do something different" or somesuch.
  6. Does that mean if I join the TA I have to give up lurking on ARRSE talking bollocks and calling BB a ****?
  7. Is being in the TA not like a second job in the a similar vein to working in Tesco/ASDA/Sainsburys or working in pubs or hotels?

    I understand that with the TA you may be warned for ops, but it is essentially the same as these other part time jobs. If you have spare time after that then you do hobbies eg sports, study etc.
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  8. Seems an odd idea to try and distance themselves from regulars when that is all they have been trying to do for last few years
  9. I've got no idea what you're trying to say there.
  10. is the suggestion that joining the TA is a lifestyle choice / Like joining a gym or giving up smoking ? - i think the ads need to be a tad more realistic IMHO
  11. Yes, it is very much like having a part time job because that's what it is.
    The difference between reserve service and most other part time jobs is that usually your part time employer does not have the right to demand that your full time employer release you for a year to facilitate Her Majesty's foreign policy.
    I suspect the "hobbiest" slant of the campaign is meant to represent the lifestyle choice aspects of reserve service: working behind a bar on weekends will not necessarily require a difficult conversation or 2 with your other half. Base jumping (for example) might.
  12. Except ADSA et al don't require you to work as causal labour.
  13. Sorry badly written seems odd when they have been trying to protray it as one army now
  14. Joining The Army - British Army Website

    Ministry of Defence | About Defence | What we do | Reserve Forces and Cadets | Reserve Forces | Reserves SC 01

    It's a tri service 'Reserves Campaign' leading to a TA specific campaign in March.

    Read FR20.

    The TA needs to recruit and retain if it is to fulfil the FR20 requirement. The Army has now 'got it' and is building an enduring campaign and approach to both recruit and retain. The approach of 'spare time transformed' is deliberate. The intention is to make the proposition attractive to a broad range of people, not just backfill for Ops (as much as that will still be required), in order that the wide utility of the TA going forwards is both rebuilt and available.