Recruitment areas

Recruiting areas are an admin nightmare if you happen to be stationed inside it. The kids all live at home with mum and can't admin themselves. When you go away they have trouble doing basic self care.
Recruiting area/base locatiuon should never be your sole basis for chosing a Regiment. You need to look at what type of career you wish to pursue first and foremost. It's no good getting posted to Catterick so that you can go home every weekend if playing with locating eqpt and spending 4 months out of every 12 in a hot sandy environment doesn't flick your switch!
keeping units from the same area is good for comradshipe

but this should not be from the same place the unit is based when 16 move next year all the local boys are going to want out as they are not going to have mum and dad to whipe there bums for them.

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