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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mikey22, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I started the joining process last October but in January i tore the ligaments in my foot. Was told by Doctor to take 6-9Months off training to let it heal. Well see the physio last wednesday and got the all clear to start training again. Whoop Whoop. I told my recruiter when the injury occured and he said to concentrate on healing then come back to him. His now left the recruitment office so will i have to go through the whole process again or just pick up from where i left off?

    Any help would be great
  2. You may have to go through the process again and the new recruiter may delay you application to make sure it has healed. The last thing you want is have it recur in basic training and have to leave basic and then start it again.
  3. Cheers. Thats what i thought and thats why iv taken things slowly with getting back to training. Just need to get my 1.5m down to 10.30. Screwing when i was 9.55 before injury. Went for a test run last night and was at 14mins :pukel: so better get back to doing my 3milers.
  4. Hi mikey22,

    Providing you have not been withdrawn by who took over, all your paperwork will be still held. Do you know what point you was up to as there is a high chance you may need to fill in a 3 month exercise diary. Whilst this is no drama, you could start this now rather than getting yourself down to 10:30 on your run and then being told you need to fill it in.

    Go into your office so you know what you need to do and introduce yourself to the new recruiter you will have.

    Any further info you want, just make a reply as i'm a recruiter.
  5. Hi Sapper Tapper,

    just popped in to the recruitment office and spoke to the Sgt handling my application. It had been withdrawn but he managed to change its status back to open. On reviewing it though, there had been a mistake on my application so turnt out i had more jobs avaliable. He told me to scrub my original choices as i scored so high on the BARB test and others so i could pretty much do any job and he would personally give me a hard time at running club if i choose infantry LOL (His a fusiller). Ive been looking to join as a dog handler but now all the engineering trades are open to me im going to look at all my choices.
  6. thats good news pal, was intrested in the RE myself but no jobs was available for ages. had a good look at every job on the list and thats what i reccomend you to do. some jobs have alot more to them than you can gather from the titles.

    best of luck
  7. Just to add what Sapper rightfully said if this was last October and due to an injury your most likely to get at least 3-6 month exercise diary sent and have to resubmit a new thing to do is if you have been doing a full fitness programme and keeping noteson your daily fitness since pain free you can back date your exercise plan so if asked to complete a 3 month plan and you have proof you have already completed a few months of this pain free then it cuts down on time waiting. Also if it was around last October that you did your BARB then this will have to be done again as must be within the year prior to going to ADSC but Im sure your own Recruiter will tell you that. The main thing is you have the all clear that your back on the road but dont push your self too much during the first few months as you dont want to cause more injury and remember you have up to 32.11 years of age...ive seen far too many ppl injure themselves because not fully healed.

  8. cheers The_IRON. He didnt say anything about me resitting my tests but thats not a problem if i have to. But knowing the other jobs are open to me is a great help.
  9. You have 2 years from the date you took your BARB, Numeracy and Literay. Providing you complete ADSC before your 2 year point you will be fine.

    Did you complete your RG8 and hand it in prior to your injury?
  10. Yea, I handed it in before my injury. I did receive a letter from the doc saying that I was ok to continue with the process and my foot had healed. I handed that to my recruiter and he seemed happy enough.

    Sapper, as a recruiter what would your advice be with regards to engineering jobs. I want something technical where I will also be out front line and varied not just stuck in a workshop.
  11. Because of the recession at the moment, the Army have an abundance of personnel trying to join, hence the longer waits to get the really good jobs for some. The advantage the Army has is we can skim the cream off the top of the cake, the people that get the best results go to the top of the pile, the earlier everyone realizes this in their own process the better for themselves. A half arsed effort will not get you the job of your dreams so 110% effort has never been truer at the moment.

    It then depends if you want Royal Engineer or REME Engineer?

    To keep it simple, RE do house building so we are out on the front line as you term it building patrol bases and other wondrous objects so you can get a trade and be there.

    With REME (Mechanical, Electrical), you can get out on the front line but it will mainly only be as the mechanic for a certain set of vehicles out on patrol and is rarely a permanent assignment or if there is a recovery to do.

    Cant believe i'm going to say this. REME are too important to use as soldiers and send out on patrols as without the vehicles in Afghan, the whole process will stall. You can still be sent out to the front with the REME but there's a 95% chance you will remain in the confines of the Patrol Base or Forward Operating Base unless on Guard Duty.

    It's pointless joining as a Electrician in the Royal Engineers just so you get on the front line if you want to be a mechanic. What you are doing on day one when you join is what you will do for your entire career so it boils down to what you want not what i advise.

    Has to be your decision not mine.

    Sapper Tapper
  12. Cheers Sapper, all the help is greatly appreciated.

    Iv looked into some of the roles that have opened up to me and have decided on my 3 options now. I am looking at Electronic Warfare operator, Dog Handler, and intelligence Operator. None of these roles were open to me before apart from the dog handler role which was my original choice when i first started the recruitment process.
  13. Welcome mate, all the best
  14. Not trying to pick holes here as your info so far is great but in the last 7 years from two different ADSC's 4 different ADSO's have made applicants retake their BARBS or asked them to resit prior ADSC at the ACIOs if the BARB is a year out of date...thats why all my applicants I send will redo BARB if going to be a year on their visits to ADSC.
  15. As we know, ADSO's tend to run the train set how they want.

    Regionalism's are there just like our traits in our offices.