Recruitment and retention post Herrick

I've noticed several comments in different threads which touch upon issues surrounding the post Herrick world. I thought I would open this subject to the floor.

The last 20 years have seen the busiest operational tempo for the British Army since WW2, culminating in Herrick. A look at the medal ribbons adorning the guys who had served throughout this period speaks volumes.

With the drawdown imminent how will the Army attract and, more importantly, retain it's manpower. Even allowing for the reduction in troop numbers the Army always requires new blood. Who want's to join or remain in an Army confined to a 'Super garrison' waiting for next year's training budget to kick in? How will someone who knows nothing but 8 years of high intensity training and operations deal with the boredom? Will there be a return to the cold war years when you were considered 'warry' to have more then two gongs up?

Will the lull help the SF with their current recruitment crisis????

I'm sure there are a multitude of others questions surrounding this area. Over to you.

A good point. I served in Germany in the 80's, then we had the first Gulf War, from there I went to NI for a few years. Then when I got back to the regular green army in 1996 I realised how dull it had all become and banged out in less than 12 months. I think this will become a pattern after Afghanistan finishes for a lot of people. The ordinary army is boring.
The ordinary army is boring.
There was a documentary within the last couple of years featuring a Gren(?) (Jack??) who quoted boredom as the reason he got into so much trouble when the Battalion got back to Aldershot after Herrick.

IIRC he was bust in the morning and awarded the MiD in the afternoon?

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