Recruitment and Retention in the Armed Forces


Actually already running in CA but thought it might be worth publicising here as well!

"The Defence Committee is conducting an inquiry into recruitment and retention in the Armed Forces. Recruiting and retaining the right number of well-trained personnel is vital for the continuing success of our Armed Forces, which is currently engaged in major operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are conducting this online forum to hear the views of former and current Regular and Reserve Service personnel and also to hear views from society more broadly - religious leaders, parents and guardians, and careers guidance counsellors. We want to know what motivates some people but not others to join the Services and what factors can affect people's desire to remain in uniform over time. We are especially keen to investigate the disconnect that exists in the number of recruits from ethnic minorities who choose to join the Services.

Are you in the Services or have you recently left the Service? Are you considering joining? Are you a family member of a former, current or future member of the Armed Forces? Please help the Defence Committee and its inquiry by having your say. The contributions to this forum will be taken into account, along with the other evidence we receive, as we consider our final conclusions. The Government will then have to respond to the recommendations we make."

The Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, Chairman of the Defence Co,1

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