Recruitment and Research in Dubai, UAE

Opportunity based in Dubai covering MEA region, Ex regular and TA welcome to apply, previous service is interesting but not vital

If anyone is interested in the below description they can email

The company is RP International and this is for their Dubai office.

Account Manager/Researcher

We are specifically looking for someone to conduct research on companies, their organisational charts & structures and carry out competency based interviews with potential candidates. The ideal person does not need to have a recruitment or HR background but will require an investigative and questioning approach. They will also create market reports and identify organisations and persons for candidate identification purposes. The role will involve regular contact with our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the UK. The ideal person will be very well informed about the MEA region’s current affairs, history, politics and economics. We are interested in finding smart, talented exceptional people who have very high ethics and integrity. This role will support Client facing Consultants and will involve travel within MEA and giving internal presentations on countries and markets to staff. This is not a 9-5 role and this person will have a very generous performance and delivery based bonus.

Senior Recruitment Consultant

While we are of course interested in those with recruitment or sales experience in the Telecoms, Technology and ICT sector we are also looking for exceptional people who may not have worked in this sector or even in recruitment. What we are particularly interested in is diligent, reward motivated sales people. When we say sales, we are looking for a genuine consultative sales approach where people are not afraid to say “no”, possess a real desire to be seen as an expert in their field, are self motivated and have very high ethics and integrity. The level of person we are looking for is someone who can comfortably and confidently interact at a CXO level and is versatile enough to be able to talk about more than just business. A well travelled, confident and cultured person is what we are aiming for. We spend a lot of time and money developing and training our people and have perhaps the best rewards system in our market. We are now interested in talking to outstanding people who have perhaps achieved something out of the ordinary in their life.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this email and I hope it might strike a chord. As a way of thanking you for your time and efforts in this matter we will donate, to a charity of your choice, 2000 GBP for every person you recommend to us who we subsequently employ.
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