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After being a casual observer of the pages of Arrse for a while and paying particular note to recruitment related posts (and cringing at some of the ill advice given – more than often quite innocently) I thought I’d take the plunge and add my two penny worth to the discussions.

So what gives me the right to do so? Well I’m currently in a position where I have all the right answers (or can get them) as I’m working within that field. Now I don’t profess to be a know-it-all but I believe that if anyone has a query that can’t be answered by their own AFCO/ACIO then I’m willing to say it as it is. I apologise now if Arrse has it’s own resident Recruiting Staff on it’s books already and I’ve no intention of treading on anyone’s toes. Also I’m not on a one man mission to put right the wrongs of the recruiting process.

I’m a firm believer that the right person should be put into the right job from the outset and not just to fulfill pinchpoint or hard to recruit posts (don’t tell my boss that otherwise I’d get the sack!). I’ve no need either to ‘suck’ up to my own Corps (a technical one) and provide them with the numbers they so need and require as I’m on an E1 post (You can't touch me now!).

Anyway enough of my drivel – let the questions roll in. Full marks and congratulations to the first reply to call me a REMF, tree hugger, do-gooder that should be out there doing a ‘proper’ job rather than relishing in the warm confines of the recruiting office within touching distance of the kettle. How I miss the banter of the field force! Just for the record I’ve never worked harder and achieved so much job satisfaction in the 17 years that I’ve been in as I have now.

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