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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Chewy1983, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Hello

    Some advice if you will.

    I'm currently a serving Police officer in the UK. I'm 29 years of age and although I enjoy being a bobby I have this constant hankering to be a soldier and have had for the past few years. I've tried to ignore it but it won't go away. Due to various 'commitments' I can't afford, and at my age wouldn't want, to enlist as a recruit due to the financial implications. I'd be taking one hell of a pay cut for at least the first 5 or so years. From what I can tell I'm too old to enlist as an officer but am wondering whether or not there are any ways around the issue with my age... I'm only 29 FFS!

    I've looked at the RAF as they'll recruit for some officer roles until <33 years but when I read into the job descriptions these aren't combat roles (apart from RAF Reg.?) and I'm not ready to be holed up in an office pushing even more paper than I do at the minute... just yet.

    In a nut shell... have I left it too late to be an officer in a combat role?!


  2. Answer from the army website:

    Officer entry age limit: 18 years-26 years. However, current Army policy does permit applicants to enter the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) after their 26th birthday and before their 29th birthday in the AGC (SPS), AGC (ETS), AGC (RMP), RAMC (MSO) and the INT CORPS, or if they are a serving soldier. Higher age limit for professional or specialist applicants may apply.

    I'm afraid you've missed the boat on regular officer, but still within the TA age limit.
  3. RAF Regt Officer is up to the age of 36.

    If you really want to get your teeth into something there is always 2sqn and then SFSG and onwards
  4. As an aside, there are interesting roles as an OR to be had at your age. If the pay drop is a huge concern then address it with your ACIO.
    I know bods older than you to join our ranks, with families.
  5. How tempted am I to post "Send photos in your police stuff or it's not real"?

    Everyone knows the rules. it works both ways.
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  6. Now, Now. Calm your quim, Snail.
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  7. Thanks for taking the time to reply guys. As I suspected it appears I'm too old and past it to obtain a commission in the regular Army. The TA wouldn't suit my personal circumstances I'm afraid but thanks for the suggestion.

    Is the RAF Reg. a realistic option for me. I would only really be interested in leaving the police to take up an offensive role and I'm under the impression the RAF Reg. are primarily a defensive force. If I'm wrong, I'll gladly stand corrected.

    Is there scope to negotiate pay when enlisting as a recruit or am I getting the wrong end of the stick here?

    As for the bit about me posting pictures of me in my work clobber, I only do that for really [fairly] pretty girls, so I'd need to see your photos first before making that decision. For the time being I'll ask you to take my word for it. Thanks!
  8. Don't bother unless you like women that look like Dean Gaffney,
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  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    If you boil it down, the role of the RAF regiment is securing airfields. This may involve some aggressive patrolling but it isn't full-spectrum infantry work. What they do, they generally do well, but it's a narrow specialisation.

    You don't get to negotiate pay: take it or leave it.

    The MoD website appears to be out of date, the Int Corps is no longer taking part in the over-26 officer scheme.

    Finally, The Snail looks a bit like Plug off the Bash Street Kids, so don't get your hopes up.

    So, all in all, probably a bit disappointing for you: the TA would be your only realistic route in as an officer in a combat role, and that doesn't work for you.
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  10. Negotiate pay?

    Have you been smoking free samples you could possibly get at work.
    Why would you want to take a pay cut and gold plated pension deal.
    It's noble to want to serve ones Queen but joining the forces is not all about a combate roll or getting a commission it's a hard life and you are 29 do you really want to put your body through all the grief it would take.
    It's a grand life serving one's country and Queen if you really really want to join then go for it I really wanted wanted to fly a space shuttle but I was told I was to thick.
  11. Seriously.
  12. As I expected then to be honest. RAF Reg. unlikely to be my cup of tea. I'll keep an eye out to see if the age limit changes before I really do get too old. I did doubt that pay would be negotiable but thought I'd put it out there as Sheepay seemed to allude to that being a possibility. I'll standby on posting photos of myself in nothing but my utility belt, I was always more of a fan of the Dandy myself. Ta.
  13. If you go into RAF Reg, its your foot in the door and other opportunities will open, least of all this lot

    Special Forces Support Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. I find that hard to believe... Oh yeah the infamous 'Gold Plated' pension that everyone seems to know so much about! Gotta serve 35 years to get the bloody thing though and then try not to die within a year of claiming it. Plain sailing then. Great!
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

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