Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shots_in, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Right people I need your help wisdom and hard work.

    I am a solder in a struggling outstation. We currently have less then 10 solders at our unit of them THREE are fully trained solders.

    It’s looking bleak for us. We need help recruiting numbers. We are a Signals troop and I need your ideas. What does work what doesn’t work. Who to talk to up the CoC.

    I mean anything I am willing to put the time and hours in. Were a good troop were close we just cant seam to get the people through the door. When we do we don’t know how to keep them.

    Anything will help!!!!!!!

    I know this may sound like a mad begging moment and it is so HELP!!!

    Pm me or message on here

  2. We gave a rifle demo to the new guys on the evening they came in and then left it with them for the next hour or so; followed by soem punchy videos and then intoduced them to the bar.

    Treating them like grown ups really helped as did not dicking them around.
  3. Your ROSO would be the best start since he should be working with the local recruiters to promote your unit.

    Alternatively, does anyone from your unit do anything to support local events? My Troop run a stand and tug of war competition at a number of summer fetes which helps us to raise our profile amongst the local community.
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  6. we quite regualy go out giving out flyers to people on the street and posters to army surplus shops camping shops etc
    being visable on the street works wonders and poaching from local cdt units and otc (if your that desperate)
    get some vidio footage of your unit in the feild or on os and have that playing on recruiting stands
    hope that helps
  7. wow didnt see the toolbox bit. thanks so far loads help people
  8. Try speaking to your local Army Careers Advisor (through nearest AFCO/ACIO) and try to go to some of his/her events in schools and colleges, play on the TA pay vs EMA (Educational Maintainance Allowance - £30 per week - if they qualify) and that students in full time education cannot be mobilised.

    Also try doing bits with the Recruiting Teams when you can - I would suggest putting a TALO in your nearest office - they are working wonders down here
  9. Word of warning though, if you do put up a recruiting stand be careful about putting weapons on display. Having done a few myself they seem to mainly attract two types of people;

    Although the kids are fine they just want to play 'army' and will monopolise your stand all day playing with your guns. We had a stand at the 'Support Our Paras' day @ old sarum airfield and we ended up becoming the creche for a lot of the children there.

    Stands with weapons also attract the fringe weirdo sort. We had one guy who appeared to be alone whom spent large amounts of time posing with a deactivated weapon we had. Another two chaps engaged us in a innocent conversation about the origins of the assault rifle, the conversation moved on to discuss the german MP44 whereupon one of the nutjobs was heard to say 'if only they(germans) hadn't lost, Britain would be a much better place' loony!

    Unfortuneatly these two groups will put off any real potential recruits as who wants to associate with kids & loonies?

    edited for mong spelling
  10. here's the simplest route to success:

    get all those already in to bring a likely mate or two to an evening with a bit of beer. don't do an obvious demo but have all that you do laid out so that the TA bloke can show his mates what he does.

    second....ignore your specialist trade. let your young ones learn how to be soldiers first - get green and muddy - have a good series of exercises with shit loads of pyro.

    when you have a settled gang of mates turning up, slowly turn training towards the specialist stuff whatever it is, but never lose sight of the green fun stuff.

    if you are small and detached, which you are, find a friendly large unit near you who will host you on their exercises without trying to poach - pm me for more - i can make some suggestions.

    get a good young officer or two whether or not you are established - sort it through your highcom - withouta couple of bright young subbies and a couple of bright young cpls, it will be harder - not impossible but harder.

    above all, make the AIM clear to all who are already serving - i suggest something like turn training into something that will attract youngsters to stick with the unit..IN ORDER TO.. slowly grow the unit to the point where it can turn towards its proper task.
  11. Go to local colleges? TA money helped me when I was a student.
  12. one thing i personally found to work quite well, at outdoor shows/fairs etc,was things like 'kiddies camo face painting',
    and loads of 'gizzits', for little ones!
    because as a generalisation, lots of people with young kids are in the 25-35 age bracket. (ideal recruiting age)
    keep the little ones sat down 10 minutes having someone 'cam him up',
    that keeps him occupied, giving you time for a 'cheeky chat' with daddy or mummy, without little one pulling them away!

    worked for me!!!
  13. Sounds like he is, plus I think the OTC is about the only part of the TA that is actually over subscribed in terms of recruiting. If you do have a local OTC you could try liasing with them to turn up at a drill night and give a presentation and try to tempt some of the more committed ones into the TASO scheme
  14. We did exactly that Mongoose, and benefitted well from it. 4 or 5 thrusting young Subbies and a handful of Toms moved across.
    Having tried most things at some point or another, it seems the most productive way to conduct decent recruiting is to constantly do the KAPE stuff (we used to latch onto the regular Bn when she came through). Encourage people to bring in friends, get into the Cadet forces (although, in my experience, not as productive as you'd think), hit the Uni's (fresher's fayre etc, OTC usually don't mind too much, but I used to bypass them and go striaght to the Student Union Council, and they were usually agreeable).
    The best bet though is to take the advice about keeping the training interesting and to a good standard, get the blokes away on the courses you and they want, and employ them, be professional in your approach. Take time to help people progress, give the lads some responsibility. Make it enjoyable - work hard and play hard.