Discussion in 'OTC' started by Mongoose, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. So, how's it going? I hear on the grapevine that Leeds have a mighty total of 65 all signed up! We've got slightly more with about 80... is this a northern issue? Ie they're all anti war losers or is it nationwide?
  2. EMUOTC are on a full intake as usual...

    With more than we can take turning up for selection.
  3. The Sheffield UOTC has 119 new members now including myself. So not too bad.
  4. Exeter had 142 turn up took 100
  5. You're keen aren't you. And its 117 actually :p
  6. I believe Leeds actually had 96 shiny new wannabe cadets this year. I'm one of them.

    *cringes and hides*
  7. London has now taken on around 200 new OCdts, 40 of which of are TASOs.
  8. Mongoose how do you you know its 117? Do you go to Sheffield UOTC?
  9. CUOTC hasn't had very many I think around 60
  10. Any good looking birds whose photos you feel the need to share?
  11. I have my fingers in all sorts of pies. :twisted:

    Going off your username, did you cut your neck recently?
  12. lol, no your thinking of Iven. Who comes from Russia. I'll see how good you really are, I was in orange group (named Ginger ninja’s), and I was their mascot ;0).
  13. No names arrgh!
  14. i'll thank you to keep them out of mine.
  15. Ref Leeds- There are a disgusting amount of 'emo', Iwearballcrunchinglytightjeansandamunabletofindthesoap types in Leeds, and the UOTC is better off without them!