that scum of the earth fought in two world wars and beyond!

Is that a tasty worm on the end of that hook Popeye?

The bad news is the scum of the earth actually live off the state, write in text speak, drive crappy cars and wear hoodies because they are "well 'ard".

Don't worry mate, you'll get your bites, so sit back and enjoy.
POPEYE1 said:
Why does the British Army recruit the scum of the earth
Have we started recruiting Media, politicians and CHAVS all of a sudden???

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Re: Bloody Sunday,the truth???
Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 12:56 am

Never stopped has it the Brits killing innocent civilians, just look at what you and your allies are up yo in Iraq, SHAME ON YOU .


Obviously an oxygen thief the sooner he's tagged as such the better!
some one has obviously studied their Wellington and taken it as given despite 200 years and has made a tit of themselves! I try to restrain myself from posting while under the influence but alas this time I yield, you dare to call men so many times your superior scum in a sentence men who have risked their lives in some cases been wounded and in the exteme have given their very lives so that you whatever lowly form of life you are can ask your question yet you insult them so. Not to mention the many who sacrificed in two world wars to maintain our freedoms and our libertys, how dare you sir insult their honour! would you stand before the Menin Gate and call thouse brave men scum! Would you stand at Monte Cassino and repeat the same. I and I shall willingly admit that I am not yet a member of our brave and honourable ranks that form the British Army, I deem your question in the lowest order and worthy of nothing less than disgust!
A rather jolly yet indignant RustyH (who apoligisies for posting in the juniors forum without the requisite appointment)
POPEYE1 said:
Why does the British Army recruit the scum of the earth from the poorest areas, anyone explain.

Sign a donor card then do the decent thing...theres a good fellow!
marshall22 said:
popeye diddnt pass selection so hes bitter i reckon, or did the big bad army boys give you a bit of a ribbin? daft tw*t
No Hes just a CNUT

Maybe a journo CNUT at that

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