Discussion in 'OTC' started by Operator, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Right then, seeing as we have our own shiny new forum area, time fro some of those useful things to be asked.
    Hopefully this will be helpful for prospective UOTC recruits as well as well as improving figures for everyone.


    UOTC Name
    From how many universities
    Any special techniques
    Recruiting drive length
    Selection? (how long, what format)
    Selection rate (Interested:recruits)
    Pass Rate (Recruits:MTQ1 passes)
    How long does MTQ1 take
    (Any other pertinent points)
  2. From what I know of this year's recruiting:

    University of London OTC (please people, we are not LUOTC - this is a particular bugbear of mine! ;))
    Recruiting from roughly 30 Universities and Colleges in and around London, stretching as far as Luton, Brighton, and Kent.
    Special techniques - None above and beyond normal recruiting per se, but we try to establish footprints in each University and College, backed up by a slick electronic application system, both over the web and on the day at Freshers' Fairs. It helps lower human error in taking phone numbers, for example.
    Recruiting drive length is a fairly long one for us. Planning for recruiting starts in early August, and we won't finish the process until the Assessment weekend is complete and the full quota of OCdts has been reached. This is usually around the beginning of October.
    Selection/Assessment is done via a series of "Introduction Evenings," building on initial contact at Fairs. POCdts get to look at us, and we get a look of them. This is point where much of the dross is lost. We got around 1000, spread over the 5 evenings, although the number could be lower. I'm not sure. What I do know is that we took close to 300 on the Assessment weekend, for 192 places. I think we initially had about 2,000-3,000 put their names down initally from Freshers' Fairs though.
    From 192 Cadets this year, I believe approximately 120 passed off. The same was true for my year, though we started at 180.
    MTQ1 takes around 5 months (October - March), and culminates in Ex Final Fling (FTX), with a pass-off parade at Woolwich the following weekend.
    (Edited to add: Of the 120 that complete MTQ1, retention into MTQ2 is much lower. The first drill night back we had about 50-60 people turn up, and the average for drill nights and weekends throughout MTQ2 was about 50.)
    I think that pretty much covers it!
  3. UOTC Name : CUOTC (Cambridge)
    From how many universities: 3 - Cambridge proper, UEA (Norwich) and Anglia Ruskin Univ (Formerly APU)
    Any special techniques: Free curry offered on open evenings, DVDs of annual camps playing on stands
    Recruiting drive length 1 Day per location, we used to run three but 1 seems just as effective
    Selection? (how long, what format) A round of paperwork, medical tests and interviews.
    Selection rate (Interested:recruits) Just over 700 interested at UEA this year, 130 of which came to the Open evening, 50 of which joined up
    Pass Rate (Recruits:MTQ1 passes) from the original 50, 39 passed MTQ1
    How long does MTQ1 take Five weekends over the Autumn term ending in December
    (Any other pertinent points) Post MTQ1 students may choose to join one of 5 wings (Inf, RAC, RE, REME, RA) for the Spring term.

    Again, MTQ2 retention is lower, although suitable students may take MTQ2 "fast-track" over 1 week during the Easter break.
  4. One codicil to that - two recruiting days at Cambridge, at both of which we have the Light Gun out on Parker's Piece and a stall at the fresher's fair inside the sports hall.
  5. Manchester University OTC recruits from 3 universities - Manchester, Manchester Met. and Salford.
    We recruit by standing outside the freshers' fair collaring people telling them how great it is to get paid to play with guns and party. We then stick anyone who shows the slightest interest in the back of a landy promising them a free beer at the TAC. Once they get to the TAC they see various stands and give in their details (if they so wish) over a pint with a friendly subbie.
    This is followed by interviews and medicals, and finally the selection weekend.
    This year we took in more cadets than ususal, about 120, selected from around 200 on the selection weekend, though the number who sign up initially before the interviews is a lot more...
    Those who pass MTQ1 in March number around 60.... a lot drop out by/over xmas.
    The retention after MTQ1 is generally quite good, only the hardcore are left :p
  6. Oh yeah, we're all infantry....proper soldiering, none of this "nobility to a mere brawl" or whatever other nonsense the RA come up with...
  7. UOTC Name

    From how many universities;
    8?I think Cardiff University and (prefix with university of Wales)- Swansea, lamenter?, Glamorgan, Aberystwyth, Bangor, institute of Swansea?. Arranged into Coys from Cardiff, Swansea, Aber, Bangor 9(HQ in Cardiff).

    Any special techniques
    Of recruiting? Not that I know of. But if your aber you have to study Interpol

    Recruiting drive length
    varies form place to place. In Cardiff one day on the steps of student union. If really keen go to Maindy barracks and enquire there if you think you have missed it.

    Selection? (How long, what format)
    One day,
    Round robin of interview (with major or above), group discussion, lecturette (5 mins), fitness (BPFA) and kit sizing (kit sizing is not used a method of selection.

    Selection rate (Interested: recruits)
    Depend on coy to coy, approx figure for last year were (feel free to correct if wrong) Cardiff 130:40(7 as TASOs I think), Swansea can't remember details but reasonably low?, aber High similar to Cardiff and Bangor low)
    Pass Rate (Recruits:MTQ1 passes)

    How long does MTQ1 take?

    Oct- end of summer camp in June.

    The only national OTC. See the out of date crap website here |Wales uotc but is seems that that website no longer so see the google cache page here
    Neither of those links will work anymore as we have our fantastic amazing new site!! (yeah its sh1t) ../uotc/units/wales_uotc/index.htm
    (If any WUOTC member would like me to make a correction just pm me)

    edit to add wiki

    Catch a glimps of typical WUOTC banter and more information at our ARRSEPedia page
  8. Erm... Queens; or do you mean only UOTC named after one nation?
  9. You in B coy there now? I want to play the guessing game.
  10. For background please see Just TA recruiting threads.

    I am NOT offering some chopper open day, curry or cheap beer.

    I am looking for 2 x 2Lt's (or nearly Offr's) - over the next 2 years. The Unit will want 6. We are based in the South. It is irrelevant which OTC you are currently with, if on finishing your studies you will move back South, then no probs. If not into our AOR, then fine, we will put you in contact with relevant units (of whatever desired designation), learning with us is part of the One Army Concept.

    Why should you bother to read further?

    We offer opportunities for training, command opportunities with Officers, SNCOs, JNCOs and soldiers who have been on Ops. You get to practice the 7 Q's, extraction, Orders and putting it into practice in front of a critical audience - soldiers who have done it on Ops. You will receive professional, impartial, positive debriefs - you can make a total hash and no-one else will know, or seriously achieve in which case we will e-mail everybody you have ever met!

    If you are thinking of a wise arrse remark - you are the wrong person. If you think 'Maybe this could be fun?' PM me.

    So Why?

    We want positive people with potential who want to learn, who want to become better. To attract the right people we offer professional interesting exercises with opportunities to lead, understudy, learn and F*** Up. Additionally there are opportunities to experience several specialisations (A/T, Mors, blowing things up, going obscenely fast over water).

    We are NOT asking (nor do we want), you to leave your OTC. We offer one maybe more exercises for you to hone your skills. It is up to you, your OTC, and you showing you have the potential.

    Who are We?

    Inf in the South.

    Who are You?

    MTQ2+. 18 months(-) to go on the degree. If you are approaching finals DO NOT call us until afterwards - this is YOUR life you could cock up. Your family home, or intended workplace is in The South. You want to lead soldiers.


    We will work out how you get travel/pay once you respond. We will negotiate with your OTC. BUT, ALL of this MUST be on the level, NO keeping it quiet from them (we WILL talk openly with them). Be upfront or why should they or we, trust you?


    This is not for everybody. We will provide training and opportunities for up to 4 2Lt's / OCdts per Ex for the next 12 months. This restriction on numbers is for YOUR benefit not ours.

    Our main aim is to attract the right quality of Officer/potential Officer to lead our soldiers. However whatever your circumstances (already committed to going reg, or to another unit), we are One Army, and will produce the goods from our side, just be upfront so we can help you as much as possible e.g. you are going reg in 6 months time - a slightly more Reg orientated debrief may be of great long term benefit to you.

    Final Reason Why

    I was OTC. I spent a year as 'Rent a Subbie' for TA Units after commissioning. I learned a lot, made good contacts and had fantastic fun. And my cock ups were anonymous. What a way to learn!

    If this is all too 'gung ho' then fine, I just don't see anybody else offering this sort of opportunity, and I look back on my OTC time with great fondness. PV, If you are out there, thank you very, very much.
  11. Fair play, Didn't think of that so i'll go for your second option! although I guess we cover the largest area? As it is recuriting I was try to form a tag line.
  12. Nope I'm a rapper in A toi?
  13. A rapper....

    I graduated last year, just wondered if you were one of my mob, who'll be in B Coy by now.

    I know, it's sad when you can't let go...
  14. lol, then you wont get the "rapper" reference.... I joined up this year.
  15. Spot on gung_hobo.

    Quite simply the best pitched recruiting statement to OCdts that I have read in a long, long time. Somebody, somewhere, had to spot that the best way to get around the official non-recruiting status of the OTCs would be to use some of their own recruiting methods - point out the opportunities and offer them a challenge ... if they want it. If this doesn't get you some interested bodies, then I don't know what will....