As a Careers Consultant for the Army (a Recruiter) I have to put up with both sides of the Real world of Civvies and the vast black hole that is Recruiting Group. I was amazed to hear from the man at the top that we as recruiters are not working hard enough and that we need to recruit more. Fair comment. However if we were to recruit more where would they train as the ATR’s are full! Most of my applicants are waiting up to 4-5 months for a training place.
When they get there and have finished their 12 weeks basic they move on to the Phase 2 where some have an even longer wait to get on a course VM’s know what I mean.
So if they want more recruits provide more available training spaces. I rest my case E1


My sympathies to you in what must be one of the hardest jobs going-the men at the top don't help by the messages they send out.  Recent example-a DCI informed me that the Tri Service Pensions leaflet's front cover was reproduced overleaf-i won ten quid off myself by betting that the service men shown would all be either female or from one of the ethnic minorities (or Both).  Sure enough one female and one ehnic minority.  Sure these are great areas of potentioal recruiting but the boys and girls out there could be forgivven for thinking that that is the ONLY area we are interested in recruiting from.

A RLC phot recently told me that no one is interested in pr photos unless they are pretty girls etc-are you sensing this feeling at the "coal face"?
E1 you are spot on there.

My mucker doing phase 2 training for the past 18 months is trying to squeeze twice the number of students into a squad... with no hint of any additional resources.

Look elsewhere on arrse to see posts about the dropping standards of trainees.  Perhaps there are a few staff officers not working hard enough somewhere.

Never mind, ignore the issue it will soon go away!!!!

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