Recruiting - what the hells going on?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Strikesure, May 6, 2005.

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  1. Any one doing it right out there? if you are - how?
    Because most of us ain't
  2. Wich recruting , reg´s or Ta. , our unit ( 412 Tp. R.E. ) or pulling in loads of bods , ( and girls ) , so where´s youre problem
  3. we get plenty in to the TAC. problems always been 1 of retention rather than recruiting, especially now we have the crusades to fight

    to be honest though, I have no idea how we pull anybody in. the organised recruiting days are a farce. what we need is a stand with lots of things that go bang, not a few leaflets with the obligatory smiling-female-soldier-with-token-two-stripes-of-camcream-im-too-good-looking-to-be-in-the-army-features
  4. Same problem in my unit. we get enough through the door but they don not stay. cmsr is far too long winded. As for TA Open Week, what a disaster. Nobody above the rank of cpl was interested they think people will just rock up and want to visit us. they suddenly got an inkling that this was not going to happen and put out posters and leaflets on the same day. So much for the 7 p's.. :?. After a dire attendance they are hopefully now going to rethink their strategy.
  5. Try our trick , we do weekend training ,( were just different) , bring the new bods in on saterday morning ,rag them around , Pt , sat trainer , etc , then mega BBQ in the evening , works a treat , got 50+ in our troop ;-)
  6. Well we'll have to see what the Open Days are like tomorrow (7th), more than likely just the local tin foil hat wearing loonies and cadets clambering over the kit...oh joy 8O
  7. Maybe a few 'yummy mummys' there though!!
  8. It would be simple if we were blessed with a SAT or even a decent PTI (not some stick insect resembling bloke who turns up rarely, and would know a Rifle from a cock mag), or indeed anything remotely interesting to people. unfortunately our TAC is only equipped with a 25m range and thats it. The seniors have some kind of foil helmet on which totally switches off their ability to see their old "leaflets and smiles" campaigns don't work. I think our best tactic, and one we have tried to pass up the chain, is going to the local 6th form collages and Uni (there are so many students round here). Dont send in the usual entorage of some Sgt, or Maj or something, just people their age who know what they want out of it and have been where they are. if u go there and tell them about the money, bounty, laughs, piss ups, and opportunities, i think theres a really good chance that they'd turn up. could be way off target, but its an idea.
  9. We Started doing that for a summer recruiting initiative. problem is the leftie, dope smoking, beard walloper teachers that go on about iraq. got loads of enquirys from birds but being an infantry unit we are only allowed so many :cry: . Another stupid ruling, if we had more babes then more guys would come along for a piece of the action :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  10. 412 TP would be easy to recruit for since its the only TA ynit in BFG and theres an unknown numbers of you lot who sold your soul to leather trousers, sausages and yeasty boxhead lager! 64 C3S (ex) Be - Depressed! :)
  11. I think it might be a good idea to have a sticky thread on here about recruiting and retention, to see all the ideas and things that's going on across the UK.
  12. One of our Sqn has tried inbreeding, regularly on weekends find a new recruit s whose parents I served with! (Downside is it takes a while for this inbreeding to get recruits thro the door)

    Whats a little strange is I was originally in a Infantry unit and these new recruits have joined Sigs. Officially the Inf and Sigs didn't merge at SDR but the old regimental loyalty has passed onto the Sigs.
  13. Got a PowerPoint, Speaker Notes and Commitments Pack which has worked pretty well for me in the past. Happy to email the set to anyone who emails me their ArmyMail or Unit email address. Happy to deliver presentation personally to any unit in 51 Bde.
  14. Sounds like an excellent idea - I've just started going through the motions of my basic training... TAFS and whatever.

    Would be a great way to introduce people with what to expect from the TA - I only knew of the TA, and some of the functions of the army because I was a cadet and a cadet at my detachment joined my local unit 3 years ago (while I pissed my life away at uni) :)

    It might also filter those that have NO chance of achieving the right mindset that's required to get yourself in-shape for the ATRA 2 week course... On my TAFS weekend I know there were a few people who will get RTU'd if their unit signs them off (for their own sake I hope they don't!)

    I might actually put this idea forward on Tuesday - Nice one!
  15. Is this still the case, did similar only found out about TA cause of people joining from my cadets (ATC) in the 80's. Guess many others only discover the TA thro work mates/family, with a large proportion of the population thinking the TA adverts are for the regular army. Wonder if the slogan on my TAC was changed from 'Join the Territorial Army here' to 'apply here for paid part work on some weekends and Tuesday nights', that may get more interest?