Recruiting - What happened to serving your country?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by machina, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but I can't find a previous post.

    I was looking through the new infantry recruiting website and its pretty much all about and noticed that all recruitment for the regs and TA seem to be about pay and adventurous training.

    Why have I never seen a single recruitment poster that mentions service? I've met many people who want to help their community and dare I say it their country. People want an outlet for that, be that volunteering for charity etc... especially in the TA I think there a good number of people who want to do a bit of good in the world and its the best way they can see how.

    It having been year of the volunteer and having looked at the US national guard website... the lack of partiotism as a recruitment tool was surprising.

    Am I really off the mark that people might want to join the TA to help their nation?
    Has society really changed so much that this is no longer motivation to anyone?

    I really don't think so... It seems to me that recruiters want to tip-toe around this issue but deep down people still have a desire to help in society be that a sense of duty, patriotism or ethics.
    I am willing to bet it would attract far more people than promises of gliding. You can go gliding and hiking and in return go to Basra vs You can do good in the world and go to Basra.

    Sorry if this has been discussed to the death before.
  2. I would imagine that those who want to serve their country, already do so. There is no point focusing your marketing on an audience which you have already captured.

    The marketing strategy is to try and gain recruits from areas which are not normally well recruited. :wink:
  3. Perhaps it could be due to people not seeing the link between serving country and a certain sandy place. Or am i well out of my depth.

  4. Since when does patriotism come into the whole Iraq scenario, most dont actually see whats happening in Iraq as serving their country, its all about serving the Military and getting paid for it.

    Unfortunately most of this country has lost any patriotism it had other than for sporting events, and most people tend to associate work with wages first and foremost ;)

    If you want people to work, you give them job satisfaction and to get that you offer them variety, but to get them there in the first place its got to be worth doing for the money aswell.

    Lastly recruiters dont tip toe around anything, we use whatever we can in our repertoire to actually sell the product, its nothing to do with patriotism how you go about selling it :)
  5. Unfortunately old chap, patriotism and service are not very fashionable concepts these days (or so I find, even amongst serving members sometimes). No wonder there is no longer an empire.
  6. No longer an Empire! When did that go? Last time I turned in for a drill night at the 3rd Rajpoot and Hindoostan Light Horse (Volunteers) half the map was pink and the sun never set etc etc. Must get in more.

  7. Surely that's (Yeomanry) old chap?

    My map still has all the pink bits (some supply problem I'm told). :D
  8. Rubbish ST, no such thing as a captured market, always room for expansion and growth, what about tomorrows market :roll:

    I mean really, dont you read campaign?
  9. It can't help, can it
  10. You'll be telling me next that tent pegging is no longer an ITD!
  11. Remember press ganging has never been made illegal! if your unit's short of bods then get round the pubs with coshes at chucking out time! :twisted:
    To be fair I think a few will be put off from joining due to the rather low wages these days with the minimum wage ect many people
    can earn almost a full weekends TA money in one day doing over time.
  12. Fair enough i can see that, but perhaps what I am trying to say is how many people joined the TA in at least some small part, with the aim of doing a little bit of good in the world.
    Reading that article from the BBC by that returning soldier and looking at the comments made me realise hpow few people draw any parallel between the army and a positive force in the world (ie reconstruction, peacekeeping, humanitarian aid etc...)
  13. You haven't seen this recruitment title yet then?

    [align=center]Your country needs you, Join Her Britannic Majesty's Armed Forces:


  14. Then when they find out that adventurous training is limited by red tape and pious interpretation of AGIs/LANDSOs etc they become retention statistics.
  15. CC_TA nailed it for me. The TA have been firmly identified as supporting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. These operations are deeply unpopular with many civvies and are not seen as having anything to do with Defence of the Realm. I am certain that some who would join the TA to defend Queen and Country decide not to as it means joining what they see as the American Crusade for Oil. The influence of their employer, spouse and family should not be underestimated either. It's not a calling any more, it's a second career. But with no pension, no employment guarantees and the opportunity to get shot.