Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tattybadger, Apr 3, 2009.

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    I note that the dear old beeb is on the cusp of getting its knickers in a twist about using toys to recruit for the nasty, brutal military. I shall, however, be buying each of my daughters and my nephews one for their birthdays!!
  2. Yes I erm, will be buying one for my daughter...
  3. I blame Johnny Seven!

  4. The following exchange from the comment section of the BBC webpage has made my day:

    If the figures are to be representative of the armed forces, will there be medics, caterers, stores and paymaster people? With the numbers of women in the frontline, will there be Action Women?
    Donovan Harvey, Manchester, UK

    "Will there be medics, caterers, stores and paymaster people?" Boys want to play Cowboys and Indians or war games, not caterers and shelf stackers. Representative - when does it stop? When you have a figure for every height, creed, religious and sexual belief of everybody in the armed forces? Get over it, it's a toy.
    Turley D, London
  5. Yup. Spent many an hour playing with these. :wink:
  6. Maybe 'Action Chav' could be launched to redress the balance?, a matching 'Pregnant Tracy' (father figure not included) would be an ideal match.
  7. ..followed by a range of 'Action Social-worker'

    Or is that an oxmoron?
  8. maybe the could use some of the bill oddie ideas.
    strangely the royal marine does'nt appear to come with any articles of female clothing :twisted:
  9. no 'Innocent Afghan Civilian' figure?

  10. I always lusted after one of those. My mate was the street hero for weeks one christmas when he got one.
    Still haven't forgiven Santa for not bringing me one.
  11. I'll get some for my son/daughter.
    When I a child that is.

    Two of everything actually, one to play with, one to go in the attic unopened.
    Not that they'll be worth anything, as everyone will do it.
  12. The 3 PARA Mor Pl dolls should tick a few of the PC boxes
  13. OK own up:

    "Young men need assertive, physically elite role models, and if they don't find one at home then they should be able to find them in toys and television. I am 23 and will probably buy a few of these to add to my stockpile of violent cartoons for my future sons - so they can grow up with strong, positive role models around them, and not fluffy, trans-sexual Teletubbies. "
  14. Strange one this. My brother was mad about 'action man' and all things military while I was not. When he left school he joined British rail as a clerk....... while I wend on to driving tanks at the age of 17!
    As an aside the MOD does have a money making side in the form of the DPA. I have to pay royalties on my regimental stuff, just seems that they are cutting out the middle man.
    As to the 'objectors' at the BBC..... Get a life!!
  15. "The new figures carry accurate equipment". lmao at this!!!

    So the SA80 falls apart just like the real thing!
    Do the combats fall apart ten minutes after issue as well?