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I see (or rather hear) that the RAF's secret tool with Alice Aldridge in The Archers is continuing apace. She's now passed the equivalent of RCB/AIB and has been recommended for a place at Cranwell. Come on Army & Navy, when are we going to get our act together!??!
Apologies all - I have just been checking 'The Archers' web site, and its only the local RAFCO interview that she has passed - off to Cranwell next for the 4 days board at some timne int he future. Also has been identified that one of the production team is a former RAF recruiter - so that answers one question there then!
Sorry if there has already been comment but I was intrigued by the young Hebden-Lloyd lad's decision to go Army instead of Uni. At first I thought he was going to follow his friend and join the Gunners. The. It turns out he's interested in the Cav.

Obviously by The Archers standards Daniel is quite posh. However his double barrelled surname is a made-up one and however horsey his mum is, she runs a stables rather than having horses...frankly he would be to the KRH, what Eddy Grundy is to the Borsetshire county set...I didn't know the KRH recruited in Borsetshire either!

He did mention the RTR as another option and perhaps he would fit in there? After all cash bar in the Bull is what he's used to...
Dan is soon to pass out of RMAS. He is indeed joining the RTR. Wikipedia says he had childhood arthritis?! Given the ruthless nature of Capita, I'm not sure he would have made it past the medicals....
Huh! We had a bloke in Corrers who went to sign up, got in, passed his selection, got sent to Afg, saw his mate blown up, came back with PTSD and left. And all that in the space of 6 months! Beat that.
Also had a cold war warrior Sgt after 22, took to alcohol, beat his missus up and got banged up for a failed bank robbery. He's now the Mr Big in the Manchester nick. At least we keep it true to life.
Was that second one real?! Brilliant. We should start a thread on infamous regimental members.

We had Keith Floyd in our Officers' Mess. Apparently he took to cooking because the food was shit.
Before anyone asks, that's Keith Floyd the TV chef. Not Keith Moon or anyone from Pink Floyd.

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