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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Practical thoughts for your recruiting plan.

    I'll start the ball rolling with a document which may contain some useful ideas.

    Please add your suggestions to this thread: What has worked and what hasn't.

    Anyone who still advocates stands in Shopping Centres in a Saturday will have their posts deleted ;)


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  2. Posters in the canteen of medium to large size workplaces which CLOSE at weekends. N.B. you will need to do this yourself in your own time unless you have extremely unusual PSIs.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. we don't have much of a problem with recruiting or retention where we are, however in April 06, the Army Air cor will be arriving in our TAC with 160 LSN's and we are worried as a HQ for an infantry unit with NO infantry jobs available, we wont be sexy enough to attract them in... Any ideas, as the OC has asked me for help.
  5. I've just uploaded our Nurture Marketing Flowchart for new recruit enquiries to the gallery. As soon as GCO has approved it and installed it into General Military I shall provide a link in this forum and talk you through the process. It works!
  6. Thats sounds differant, look forward to seeing it.
  7. ------------------------------------------------------
  8. Errm, thank you for the advice. This particular granny not only knows how to suck eggs, she has been sucking them for some time. The only reason I don't bite harder is that you are, of course, correct in that boots on the ground is the only way to attract interest in large numbers but you still need to land the fish you've hooked, hence: the flow chart below.

    Explanation to follow but reasonably self explanatory without:


    msr - please pass on my compliments to GCO for his prompt attention.
  9. As clear as mud.

    Hang on, i'll get my glasses, i might be able to read it then.

    Glasses didnt work, is there a way that i can expand it ( blow it up ).
  10. Anyone who wishes an e-Copy of the flowchart, pm me with an email I can send it to. Let me know if you have MS VISIO or if you need it as a .jpeg
  11. It's a bit patronising.

    1 week before - confirm attendance, 10 minutes before - confirm attendance.

    Whilst we must ensure we follow up on new recruits, if they don't have the self discipline to attend, and lack the manners to inform someone that they're not coming, do we really want people of that (lack of) calibre?
  12. Raw civvies are often not as disciplined as we are :D

    The main effort must be to get them to the TAC goading and prodding if needs be. Once they are there the sales pitch can be done. Bums on seats! They know we want them and someone will be waiting for them when they arrive. It will be a bunch of strangers but Cpl Bloggs who keeps phoning will be their point of contact. Are we going to ignore people because they get a case of the nerves and bottle out? We are by your rational!
  13. To begin with we didn't have a choice - we were DESPERATELY short of numbers and needed critical mass to give the good ones a chance to come through. Now we can afford to be more choosy but I know from RMAS stats that other Bdes are only just now at this start point.

    Is it patronising? Probably. Is that a problem at this stage of our recruitment development? Probably not.

    As a point of note - last time we ran a Selection w/e my core team was not involved, we did not follow this process and - having briefed the Dep Comd that 36 Pot Offrs would be turning up and providing admin for same, the RTC played host to 6. I think they call that market-testing :D

    Folks feel free to point out the obvious holes in any of the recruitment and retention recommendations that any poster puts into these forums but can we make a deal - every time you find fault with an idea, you need to offer an alternative of your own. After all, these threads were born out of the frustration at too much talk, too much criticism and not enough action or positive encouragement.

  14. The Officer Candidate Admin Cell at RMAS spends about 99% of its time keping in touch with potential officers who have passed RCB, you can't expect them to think in a particular way until they are in and you start inculcating them. Those are people who want to make a career of the Regular Army - why do you think it would be different for the TA?

    Nurturing recruits and POs is critical stuff, you can't relax until they are well into the system, until then they cannot see beyond day 1 and for some, if not many, that day 1 is a significant hurdle.