Recruiting The Right People Into Ones Business

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Whilst perusing the latest MoD Jobs Bulletin, with the aim of finding suitable employment, I came across this little gem. The post is for a Finance Manager - a desirable qualification for getting the job is a financial qualification or financial experience. Link below.

    Are there any other examples of such focused and targeted recruitment campaigns out there?
  2. The reason that it is "desireable" rather than "essential" is that a C2 is a relatively junior grade and at that pay level it's unlikely you would get anything better than a part-qualified accountant or a book-keeper. Equally, you could be considered competent at the job if you were "qualified by experience" and the measure of competence is the requirement to sit, and pass, a competence test (as it says in the job advert).

    I don't think it's targeted as a job for the boys, but a realistic expectation of the level of applicant for what the post pays. If what you wanted was an SCS1 graded Deputy Director of Finance then you would not only expect the mandatory requirements to include chartered status as an accountant, but probably also a shed load of professional experience at a similar level. But that's the difference between recruiting someone on £23k a year as a C2 and £115k for an SCS.
  3. Makes one think of the QI question:
    Q. Who's the odd one out?
    NCO ic Bank of England( I forget his moniker)
    Terry Wogan

    A. Wogan, he's the only one with a banking qualification.

  4. msr

    msr LE

    Bollocks: :)
  5. I had the BBC parliment channel on as background noise at the weekend with Bernard Gray (of the Gray Report into Defence Acquisition) being interview by the select comittee. he said that only about 1/2 of DE&S finance posts were occupied by people with the approprite qualification because "they couldn't recruit for the money they were offering"
  6. Starting salary for this post is a min of £27K+ with >£29K+ offered for the right candidate. Average salary for a similar post in High Wycombe (just down the road from Bicester) = £32.5K. Once you take into account the final salary pension, flexible working hours, paid training etc then there is probably not much difference.

    I believe the fundamental issue is that the MoD, right across the piece, insists on using core competences, rather than functional competencies and qualifications, as its recruiting baseline. Square pegs into round holes springs to mind.