Recruiting - Royal Signals at Leeds

Leeds has been told to increase recruiting.

So without further ado -

64 Sig Sqn (V) - Leeds/Sheffield/Nottingham - British Army Website

849 Troop based at Carlton Barracks, Leeds.
864 Troop based at Manor Top TA Centre, Sheffield.
887 Troop based at Triumph Road, Nottingham.

Are you a Citizen of the UK, Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland? From a Commonwealth Country with 3 years remaining on your visa? Are you between 17 and 45? Looking to do something different? Have you an easy going nature, and friendly personality? Then that's all the qualifications we need.

For many, the TA is a second job, and as such you will be paid from around £36.47 per day and can increase to over £106.09 (depending upon rank, and trade qualifications). In addition every year you can qualify for a tax free bounty, which can exceed £1506.00 as long as you pass the minimum commitments to us.
Remember we are ordinary people, just like yourself, we have civilian jobs, and normal lives. We are not an infantry unit. So you don't need to be super fit, although a certain amount of physical fitness is required. As long as you pass the basic fitness test each year you're OK.

You will be given a standard entrance test, and will be advised which career path and trade that will suit you. Then you will be trained and gain qualifications in your chosen trade (many of which are equivalent to civilian ones). Specialist courses are always available to enhance your career these can range from military skills, like weapon handling, to the more exotic things like Adventure Training, which can include skiing or walking. There is often an opportunity to travel around the country and abroad on exercises, and for some, there are also short term attachments to Regular Army units.

The squadron is a close, friendly team, and an active unit, with many weekend social events. We have a long history with battle honours.

We meet on Tuesday nights for training from 19:30Hrs (7:30pm) to 21:30Hrs (9:30pm). Normally every other weekend there is something happening, but attendance is only obligatory for 8 of these. There is also one annual camp a year which is two weeks long, this may be in the UK or Abroad. Camp has to be attended if you are to qualify for the end of year bounty.

Royal Corps of Signals the Squadron has a wide variety of trades available:
Radio Operator - Operates communications equipment and is the primary trade, this involves the setting up and operation of radio equipment, printers, and encoded messages.
Technician - For those a bit more technically minded. Maintains and repairs the radio equipment.
Electrician - Provides electrical power on Exercises/Operations and becomes a generator expert.
Supply Specialist - Technical Stores person providing expertise in the logistical chain, including re-supply in the field.
Driver - Primarily a driver of Heavy goods Vehicles within the Motor transport troop.

Consider all the options, discuss with others and if there are any further questions that you feel that you need advice on, please contact the Squadron on 01904 668163 during working hours.
So whoever you may be and whatever your qualifications, there is a good chance that we have a job for you.

849 Signal Troop
Telephone: 01904 668646

Carlton Barracks
Carlton Gate

Any questions please feel free to pm me.

The Territorial Army Near You - Unit Details (Carlton Barracks)

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