Recruiting Regiments for Surrey (RAC)

Hey all,

Looking to join the RAC, I've got selection in a few days but I haven't decided on a regiment yet, leaning towards RTR. I can't find anywhere on the web the recruiting areas for the regiments in RAC, (specifically Surrey). The main ones I'm looking at are the RTR and the KRH.

Any help would be a life saver, thanks a bunch.


Hey you on selection 13th-15th? I'm on that one too! I believe with RAC you choose the regiment you would like the join going into your Phase 2
RAC is now so small that the concept of a recruiting area is back to pre-1958, ie meaningless. There are, I believe, three regiments in each role (but I could very well be wrong because it's nearly 30 years since I got out) covering the whole of the UK.

Hence 15th/19th Hussars ("The Geordie Hussars") amalgamated to become the Light Dragoons ("England's Northern Cavalry"). But now there is so little choice, I've seen them branded "England's Light Cavalry". (The other two light cavalry regiments are Welsh and Scottish.)

So you can decide on your role and if you get it, you have an extremely limited choice.

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