recruiting problems

I am trying to write a report as part of resettlement for my Certificate in Personnel Practice. My title is "Improving the standard of recruits into the British Army - a comparison between military and civilian recruiting methods. Can anyone out there please offer me some constructive information about what they perceive as being the problems with recruiting and how they may be changed. Thank you for your considered time and effort. :D
This has "Journalist Alert" written all over it!!!

Sorry if that isn't the case, but this is your first post, and if you're going on a re-settlement assignment, then you have at least 5 yrs in the job, so should be able to answer that question yourself, surely.
If, however you can't answer it yourself, then your 'mukas' in your unit would surely be able to..... Unless of course we refer back to my 1st sentence.
I am so not a journalist and am away from my unit. I have come up with some thoughts but would like some other input. Just because I think things are wrong doesn't make my opinion right.
I work with Recruiters and from what I can gleam from them, it is mainly the standard of recruit that they attest, not the numbers, they just dont last for a myriad of reasons, that goes for all catchment areas in their remit.

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