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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by msr, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Looking for advice on the best way of selling the TA to OTC bods with a view to recruiting 2Lts / OCdts on graduation.

  2. Organise for or invite ocdts to your dinner nights and exercises, show them a good time and they will be pretty much sold.
  3. Msr, what arm are you recruiting for?

    Sell the soldiering and command to them. The O/cdts and 2Lts you're really talking to will most likely already be thinking of transferring anyway and they may be beginning to get frustrated with the limitations of the OTC or conversely may not even be aware of those limitations, so an explanation of the far broader training in the TA may be effective. Specifically highlight the possibilities for live fire, career courses and development, overseas exercises (hopefully) and operations.

    Also highlight the TASO scheme to them but make them aware of the commitment this requires, signing them up and then having them take your pay without attending your training only creates resentment. On the plus side it can be beneficial to both units having officers serving in the TA and helping out at the OTC... thats just personal opinion though!
  4. TA units need to become more involved with their regional OTCs. Organising joint exercises and not treating all OTC OCdts like cadets would attract a lot more transfers from OTCs. Doing small things like playing enemy for the OTC or asking the OTC to play enemy for your unit is a start. Build a relationship with the OTC and they will join. Just getting TA soldiers to talk to members of the OTC about the TA in an informal setting will send queries about joining in your direction. It should be remembered though, that a lot of OTC types are already looking at a career in the regs. I speak as one who once wore an OTC capbadge.

    Oh, and at least pretending you're not just trying to steal their women would help too. :)
  5. msr

    msr LE

    33 Signal Regiment (V), in both Manchester and Liverpool. If anyone from either OTC is interested, drop me a pm.

    Many thanks for the replies so far, which seem to confirm that I am thinking along the right sort of lines.

  6. I doubt many people know what the TASO scheme is.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps that's why it needs highlighting :wink:

  8. This is an area fraught with difficulty not least because students tend not to hang around after graduation so don't be disappointed if your recruiting efforts end up benefitting other units around the country.

    That said, the most successful way that I have seen it done is for the local unit to pitch up in the bar (with the CO's permission, which is usually granted if he has an embarrassment of senior cadets) and speak directly to the recently commissioned/JUO/SUOs who have something about them (speak to their PSI's first, they know them better than anyone including the TA staff).

    You don't necessarily need to go in with a formal presentation; the regs do that all the time and they kinda blend into each other. The senior students who have already done their term in a command appointment like to be headhunted personally but be careful what you offer them. You might need intelligent signallers but they might be looking for a pl comd slot or a close shadow of an existing one prior to RMAS.

    The Venn diagram subset that we are now looking at is a post-command senior student who has his/her head screwed on right, doesn't want to go into the regulars immediately or at all but wants to carry on and recognises that the OTC is a playpen with a bar...oh, and as I mentioned earlier, is going to stick around your neck of the woods (at this stage, they tend to be in their final year and are focused on their finals). Not a big group, I fear.

    The OTC that I taught at had a sensible policy of leaving third years to their own devices. This meant that the entire OTC revolved around the first two years only and not much was organised for the few who remained. This is why the CO will probably let you poach his third years with impunity because he knows that they are notoriously unreliable. When they eventually left, our chief clerk kept tabs on as many as possible for the first year and only then passed their details on to local TA units. The rationale was to let them find a job and settle down a bit before hitting them with the Queen's Shilling again. Thus, you might find a trawl of the OTC chief clerk circuit more beneficial in the long run.

    Hope this helps.
  9. msr

    msr LE


    I am quite prepared for this to happen, however, I do also believe in the principle of what goes around comes around.

    Tonight I wrote to the Adjts of all the OTCs asking them to put a poster on their notice boards for those re-locating to Manchester or Liverpool on graduation to get in touch.

    I believe that quite a large proportion of graduates stay in the city they graduated from.

    Will do.

  10. I did two and a half years with one of the oxbridge OTCs where the students rarely stayed after graduating but I accept that this probably isn't the case nationally.

    Best of luck msr.
  11. TASO - TA Sponsored Officer. Essentially UOTC O/Cdts get taken on as O/Cdts in a TA unit, but they continue to train at the UOTC both before and after they commission. They wear the cap badge of their sponsoring unit and are expected to take part in that unit's training as well, although I believe the OTC keeps first call on them until they finish university at which point they are supposed to give up the OTC and move perminantly to their sponsor unit.

    Msr, if your giving a presentation check what state the O/Cdts are in before your start, if its after a night in the mess forget the long drawn out power point, go for the five brief points method. The same largely applies to the end of a drill night, the shorter the presentation the more they will remember and think 'good bloke' if they get to the bar that little earlier, if they are interested they'll come up to you afterwards. If this make O/Cdts sound a bit shallow, well many of them are... they're used to having a good time and if you want to make the more serious ones consider joining your unit make them think they'll have one with you, this does not have to mean boosing all the time though.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    I know, I'm ex-OTC :wink:

  13. The CO/PSI's will know who is interested in going Reg/TA/NO further contact, so they are the best approach. Other than that short presentation (5-10mins) and the interested ones can be approached directly or allowed to come and talk the you. Many students who joined OTC with no intention of any future with the army are now looking at Reg/TA careers. (At least in my little world).

    Other than that, getting the OCdts out on Ex and showing them a good time will win you a fair few. To the vast majority there isn't a great deal of difference seen between OTC and TA except that OTC is non-deployable and slightly easier.
  14. We get one main TASO presentation a year at Sheffield, on the sunday morning after MTQ weekend.

    We've got a good record of TASO's / people transferring to TA units after finishing with SUOTC. I think its down to the way Bde HQ uses us (15) ; we're always off playing enemy for various units, and work a lot with TA / Reg units on cadet camps (CCF central at Wathgill for instance where we stay for three weeks running command tasks)

    Advice I've give as a current OTC member is to visit an OTC on a parade night, give a little talk about who your unit is / what they do - dont overdo it, those that are interested in the TA already will come and see you afterwards, theres no need to bore the other 70% who are just keen to get in the mess asap. (apologies if it sounds like Im trying to teach you your job, I;m just trying to give an idea of how it works for us)

    We get about 8 TA units giving us TASO info btw.
  15. Just another point, when I went to have a look round a sigs unit last year a lot of the guys there liked the sound of all the trips away as a unit (non military wise) so make sure you dont just tell them about the military side, get the esprit de'corps in there.