Recruiting now for Security Officers at Canary Wharf

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by charliecharlieone, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Ladies, Gents,

    Actively recruiting for security officers at Canary Wharf London. Excellent pay and Benefits.

    Inbox me for further info.


  2. You could advise applicants to read - 'Attack State Red' May well help at the interview.
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  3. Might be a slot or two coming up in the Republic.
  4. I do like their coffee.
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  5. I left the regular army in 2005, and did security in the city til 2009( aswell as the TA). If I remember correctly, Canary Wharf security was 'in house' and had a starting pay of £ 10 ph and there was a pension scheme..I no longer work in security, but what benefits are they offering?
    check pms
  6. They're obviously queuing around the block CC1!!

  7. Now, now, now.......... they're one of the better organised formations in London.

    I pass through Canary Wharf DLR / Jubilee Line twice daily. By any standards they're most professional in appearance and cutting about in what they do. They have the look and feel as both being organised and that their managers actually care about their lads and lasses. Yup, there's the "barrier up / barrier down" factor in some of the estate locations, but from well appointed ( read comfortable looking) control points.
    There's too many around the London based end of this industry at the present time, focussed on the Olympics and the hourly fees they think they can earn.

    ( PS - Richard, can you send my fee to the usual address. Thanks. )
  8. Alec,
    I agree with your opening remarks, but I was not casting aspersions about their competence - it was merely a comment ref the amount times the OP has "bumped" the thread. Perhaps I need to work on my sense of humour.
  9. Are you a gay and lesbian equal opportunities employer?
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  10. Just trying to give the guys and girl a stepping stone to civvy strasse

  11. Chaliecharlieone, checkm pms again.