Recruiting into RMP from Harrogate

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Is_That_A_Wah, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Guys, please help with a bit of advice.

    The 16 year old son of a good mate is currently undertaking training at the Army Apprentices College in Harrogate. From what I gather he is doing well, and knowing the lad myself I rate him has having excellent potential, perhaps for a commission. I believe his preferred pathway is to progress through the ranks, so fair enough.

    Question is, he is very keen now on a career in the RMP, due to a family tradition of policing. What is the procedure for joining the RMP from Phase 1 at Harrogate?

    Appreciate your time and your comments.
  2. Haven't got a clue but I do believe that the apprentice college supplies soldiers for the more technical trades.

    I think the RMPs have a vital job to do but.... what can they do after their time as policesoldiers???? Not a lot.

    Going for a trade does look better (but kids always know best) hopefully someone else knows more!
  3. This is exactly the problem - he feels as though he may have set off on the "wrong track" as the RMP ambitions are now at the forefront. Of course I would advocate the tradesman route, although, as you quite rightly say, they know best. On the other hand RMP is a noble pathway.

    Get your teenager NOW - while they still know everything.
  4. Wah - he has 2 basic choices.

    • 1. He marches in to his Troop/Platoon Commander at AFC and says 'Wanna be a monkey' and hopes for the best.

      2. He goes to his current capbadge after AFC, does some time, gets some experience under his belt, and then transfers as a VT and becomes a much much better military policeman for it.

    Quick disclaimer: this is not to say that all VTs are fab - far from it. Merely a personal view. And 'VT' stands for 'Voluntary Transferee' - approx 33% of RMP are VT.
  5. ...and the jncos are on the higher pay band now...
  6. Wah, as I understand it he won't be able to rebadge/apply for RMP while at Harrogate. The problem being, Harrogate facilitates young soldiers 16 -17, to join the RMP you need to be a minimum of 18 to carry a Warrant Card(albeit PH2 trg). When I was a recruiter this was the case, I've been out of recuiting for 1 1/2 so things might have changed. It also depends on his BARB score, he would have needed to score 60 or over and have the relevant academic quals, hope this helps.
  7. I don't agree with your comments about a trade and then after RMP, there are lots of occupations open to Ex RMP, and to back this there is a web site called rmp in business, plus the PM (A) / RMP RHQ have considerable expert knowledge of resettlement issues.

    As for joining RMP from Harrogate it is possible, but the young man in question is best to talk to the training staff and speak to the Adj.

    Good luck to him, some of the finest NCO's in the British Army come from the RMP and lead by example.

    Go for it is my motto on this one.