Recruiting in the recession?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by wager, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. Just idle curiosity, but I read in a thread that commissioning courses at RMAS haven’t always been full, is this still the case in these recessionary times? Has there been an upsurge in interest in a career as an officer?
  2. I heard on the BBC news this morning that the army is currently fully staffed for the first time in many years due to people trying to escape the effects of recession. So I would presume there has been an increase in officer training and recruitment as a result and inline with what the BBC have said.
  3. My understanding is that enquiries have increased and that the army is still approx. 2550 men short of target.

    Of course, it goes without saying (although I believe it was said by a Lt. Col. in the London recruiting district) that many of those who have decided that a recession is the ideal time to join up will be unsuitable, whether for phsyical or mental reasons.

    It goes doubly for potential officers, I doubt the army wants wage-slaves leading men into battle.
  4. I understand that Sandhurst has experienced its usual Spring dip in numbers because although the number of enquiries has risen, there is still an issue with the standard of applicant. I expect that, later this year, Sandhurst will be full.

    Across the rest of the Army, I understand that the training pipelines are close to full but, remember, our training organisation has been hacked to pieces over the last few years and it will take time for soldiers to pass through, to be fully trained and then to end up in the field. I was also told that quality levels have improved but not markedly so. The drop-out rate is still fairly high.

    All in all, there has been an improvement on the last few years, especially after the 04-05 trough. But don't expect to see the golden handcuffs vanish for a while yet!

  5. The recession may have added an impetus to recruiting but does not solve all our problems. The training pipeline can only take so many people at a time, so we cannot recruit any more than we can train.

    Not the most sound of arguments...

    Retention is the greatest reason why the Army is closing in on being "fully staffed" however not all those bodies are in the right place. The key is that we get rid of the wrong people and retain the right people. There is a suggestion that people who sign off may not be allowed to withdraw their termination.

    The most recent stuff I have seen suggests that retention in training is going up. Whether this is due to the downturn, better selection tools or retention in training initiatives is uncertain, but the combination may be having a positive effect.

    The improvements must be embedded though, far too often we react to the here-and-now as if it is the answer to our dreams, when the upturn in recruiting may be due to otgher factors outside our control... so we must capitalise now.

    I have a difficulty with this position... an AOSB pass can last as long as 7 years for a scholarship and until you are 29 rising 30 for everyone else. I have never seen a correlation between numbers of passes at AOSB in a given year and the number of people attending the CC. Spring is usually lower in numbers because most people join shortly after Uni or after a gap year so Sep is usually full, Jan is the overspill, May is not associated with a specific event.
  6. That was how it was explained to me, Barbs, but of course I may not have understood the explanation!

    Funnily enough, I was musing this morning about the likelihood of the training pipeline being throttled back because of a lack of funds! I recall that a previous surge in recruiting had to be throttled back because the money in the line that wasn't being spent, and would not be spent, on soldiers' pay and allowances had been allocated elsewhere!

    I can just imagine the headlines were that sorry state of affairs come to pass!

  7. Fair enough, from the perspective I have the officer recruiting pipeline is not so linear.

    I fervently hope that we have learnt this lesson, although I am not convinced.
  8. Money (for wages) is most certainly an issue. The centre doesn't want full manning just yet as we cannot afford to pay that many people.

    The money available to deliver training isn't necessarily there and economies, or is it efficiencies, are just around the corner. Manning caps, recruiting bans on civ staff, Phase 3 courses to be prioritised against Campaign requirements have all been recently muted. This should not unduly affect Offr trg at RMAS but who knows.
  9. The money for full manning does exist. The major difficulty is that if we exceed the full manning, then the money has to be found from within existing resourcing.

    Phase 1 and Phase 2 money is there, in fact it is being spent whether someone is in training or not. An empty bedspace costs as much as an occupied one.

    Phase 3 courses should be re-aligned to reflect the campaign, and we are likely to see adjustments in Phase 1 and 2 too, and that may see shorter courses, it may see same length courses with different objectives. This is likely to have an impact on officer training immediately after RMAS.

    Please, please, please can we resist the urge to trun off the recruiting tap!
  10. It would be nice to think that we could afford to be more "picky" as that can only improve the overall standard. I would hope that the selection and initial training process is refined and comprehensive enough to weed out those who may be joining for the wrong reasons.

    Regarding the overall position across all ranks then, as has been said before, it will take some time for the recruiting pipeline to produce the numbers needed for full manning. Even then, it's not simply a case of having 101,800 bodies on the payroll - it is important to have the right structure and balance across the entire service. I suspect that some of the key 'pinch point' trades that have been consitently undermanned will continue to be so. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear as the saying goes. In real terms then retention is far more important than recruiting so, if the current recession convinces already trained , qualified and experienced soldiers to stay for an extra year or to then that can only be a good thing.

    Fingers crossed that some idiot doesn't turn off the recruiting tap on the basis of a slight (and almost certainly temporary) upturn. You would hope that the last time this happened is still fresh enough in the memory to avoid a repeat of that particular fiasco, however, this is the MOD after all ............
  11. Anyone in any position of authority who suggests this as a solution to anything should be shot - some decisions can look bad in hindsight but hindsight is not required to determine that this would be a myopic choice.

    To stop recruiting now would cause a decade or more of harm and it is bl00dy obvious to all but the most dim-witted of individuals.
  12. I have checked the figures on this, just to be sure - the targets set for RG are based on AOSB passes, not on attendance at RMAS. RG need to get c900 AOSB passes, whilst RMAS can only take 3 intakes of c270 pa. Phew!
  13. what is RG?
  14. [marq=down]

    Rectal Gratification?

    Or perhaps the clue could be in the subject of the thread.
  15. nowah Recruiting Group