Recruiting Group - not fit for purpose?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Unless their purpose is only the regular army:

    1) No TA adverts in the local job centre on the touch screens.

    2) No TA adverts in the Uni careers office. Hello? 18,000 people of the right age and looking for a job?

  2. Looking for a Job....not a hobby ;)

  3. Perhaps those responsible within TA units should be taking the initative here?

    Errr if there are any left with a budget after the latest round of " self-imposed" cuts?
  4. The advertising at Job centre level is budgeted for by RG without doubt, whether or not they are squeezing the life out of the budget i do not know, but i do know that anything to do with the Universities is down to the ACA1, the regional Officer recruiting cells should still be One Army whichever way you look at it, and they hold the remit for dealing with University level.

    That being said it wouldnt hurt for the local AFCO/ACIO or the local TA centre to advertise in any of the local education establishments ;)
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Not allowed to any more :(

    I've asked.
  6. If it is mentioned to the ROSO then it should get flagged up, in my opinion it is these sort of places that the TA can market themselves more effectively, it doesnt cost anything to speak to the University and ask if some posters can be put up, and the CRR of that Region should have staff covering this, specifically because as long as we can get a foothold into further and higher education this is where we need to be marketing at the moment :)
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    The T.A. doesn't matter anymore now that there is a load of spare labour in the workforce. Obviously, in 5-10 years when the markets and economy recover sufficiently and these people jack in their 'interim' Army Careers, it will be back to recruiting from the Commonwealth and relying on the T.A......only they would have probably sacked most of the latter by then.
  8. The TA are still a priority for recruiting i can only imagine that recruiting campaigns in certain regions are falling by the way side, in London it is most definitely active and i am detailing regular recruiters to support their events purely to aid TA recruiting.

    This ultimately falls down to the ROSO of the local unit, the CRR's recruiting plan for that region (as driven by the AFCO/ACIO and also the ACA1's and 2's) and ultimately the budget.

    But they definitely havent stopped recruiting, if anything where regular recruiting is now screeching to a halt due to a projected fully manned Army as of April next year, the emphasis should switch to recruiting for those TA units that need it, and also nurturing of applicants that are being held ready for training vacancies in the future.

    The need for TA as an Operationally deployable element is always going to be there (at least i would like to think they are still aiming for that) because it eases the burden of the regular troops which caused the manning problem in the first place.

    The problem with all this is that retention doesnt seem to be an issue for the regular Army all of a sudden (now most who were considering leaving realise that jobs are thin on the ground), and recruiting has gone through the roof because so many are rejoining and filling gaps in the trained Army that recruits were being taken in to fill, it still doesnt give us a fully manned TA and that is still a priority despite the cuts that were made :)

    A bit of intiative simply by touching base with someone at the University to see if some posters could be put up would decide whether or not there is any scope for 'free' recruitment in there, but it may also be the case that the University have been approached in the past and declined, there have been plenty of cases where we do not get into Educational institutions purely because the Armed Forces are not seen as a career path to them (largely based on their own view of the Military) :)
  9. Not sure who you asked but in my region, every TA Unit has reverted to doing it's own thing as well as OAR, a fact well known by the CofC - including CRR.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    They ripped my arm off when I told them what we could offer, but the ROSO has his hands tied.

  11. The CRR in every region under direction of CRF, outlines a policy which defines the Main effort for their region and should also detail their outreach initiatives, the one i work to is very specific in so much as the TA are to be the main driving force behind their recruitment, but offices are to assist them in anyway possible and at all regular recruiting events, the TA are to be advertised in the first instance by requesting TA recruiting team attendance and in the second where it is not available by ensuring that TA literature is on hand and also TA adverts/posters.

    I have to say that there are some completely useless ROSO's out there that through no fault of their own and due to their double hatted jobs with welfare etc just dont have any real recruiting initiative or drive, it is sad to say that in my opinion these are the ones that generally blame the regular recruiting side of life for lack of support and assistance for their failings. I am fortunate that i have a TALO working at my office and his ROSO is quite driven and is often accused of trying to circumvent the outreach instructions by doing stuff off his own back, if it produces results it shouldnt be a problem as long as its a sanctioned recruiting activity or campaign.

    Recruiting varies wildly region to region but the ethos should remain the same and the only thing apart from budgets and manpower that is going to recruit people is initiative coupled with common sense, it takes nothing to pick up a phone and ask if there is a chance of sticking some posters up in a school, college or University. The initiative comes from capitalising on the interest it can produce and you would be surprised at the sort of events that can be thrown together once you get the foot in the door in some of these places :)

    The TA is a real proposition now for further and higher education, there are very few jobs available and more and more kids and even adults are choosing further education as a stop gap to try and gain some other qualifications that might benefit them, you start offering them money for part time work and in the present climate you will get interest :)
  12. msr

    msr LE


    You are preaching to the converted ;)

    I have been told in no uncertain terms that no organisation is to be approached for recruiting purposes. It all has to be sanctioned by Bde.

  13. MSR,

    Have you been given any reason as to why you are restricted in your recruiting activities?, in London we are using every available option even though the Brigade and District have squeezed the budgets like everyone else.

    But your Brigade does not drive the recruiting effort, the CRR does in conjunction with what CRF's and CRG's direct as the priority (the TA is still very much one of the main efforts) i can appreciate that the Brigade might have a plan going on in the background to restrict the influx (likely due to budgets), but it seems a complete contradiction of the recruiting directive to me and to stifle initiative and free enterprise in that respect is absurd in my opinion :)
  14. msr

    msr LE

    When I say Bde, I mean CRR based out of Bde HQ's location.
  15. Absolutely bizarre that the CRR wants this sort of activity sanctioned.

    I am assuming that you have looked into this in finer detail and clarified exactly what the score is? i say that because as the CRR holds direct responsibility for any recruiting activity taking place in the region and anyone wishing to recruit is to submit for approval on ICARIS (the renamed RGOD) so as to obtain an activity code (to cover the activity for insurance and any budget that may be required amongst other things), then it should just be a matter of submitting the activity to the system and it being approved, especially if there is no financial outlay.

    I can only imagine that the CRR either wants to know the in's and out's of the proverbial cats arrsehole or that he has a bee in his bonnet about recruiting in establishments like that, i really cannot see any reason why you would be restricted, certainly my CRR allows us to pretty much do what we want, the more initiative the better, the only time it gets questioned is if we need money (which is always going to be scrutinised).

    But then again my CRR is extremely 'outreach' centred and believes that any avenue explored is a result even if it produces 1 application and paves the way for others to follow in the future.

    What you advertise for today as far as recruiting goes, generally produces results in the following 2 years, if you do not advertise then you lose the momentum :)

    If it was me being told i couldnt, then i have to say i would do it off my own back or go direct to the ACA1 who co-ordinates all University visits :)