Recruiting from the Islamic/Ethnic Community/ies

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gingwarr, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. On another thread,


    I was wondering how this mindset affects recruiting at your unit?

    I personally remember being on a recruiting stand a few years ago, when I was approached by a Sikh lad who was already in the RLC TA who wanted to transfer to the Inf but didn't know how to go about it. I took his details and promised to get stuff sent out to him. A couple of minutes later, a senior Tom turned around to me and said:

    S-T "I hope you sent him on his way"

    GG "Um, no"

    S-T "We don't want them Islamics in this battalion, anymore of 'em ask, send 'em elsewhere"

    GG "But he wasn't ev.."


    GG "Right you are".

    I didn't have the moral courage to stand up to him, although I'm fairly sure I would nowadays.

    Before you ask why I've brought this up, as can be seen in other threads, the TA is in the middle of a recruiting crisis. I believe that the TA is failing to recruit from Ethnic Communities (esp from India and the rest of the sub continent) and that it's suffering as a result of it. Admittedly on the down side we've got:

    1) The security threat - people from these communities aren't screened in the way that people with Irish relatives are CTC checked.

    2) Mixed loyalties - although linked to the above not quite the same (The "Ummah", not the website, the ideology)

    But on the Plus side

    1) Zeal - some immigrants have a tendency to become more "Roman than the Romans" to coin a phrase. It would be good to harness that.

    2) The security threat - better to have them inside the tent p*ssing out than outside the tent p*ssing in.

    3) Feeder recruitment for the regs - Yes, under OAR I know that we're meant to be doing that anyway, but just think. Part of well documented Immigrant Psychology theory is that parents will do jobs that are extremely hard work, simply so that their progeny can have a step up in life. Singh Snr is not going to be incredibly happy that after 20 years of long hours and hard graft for very little reward, Singh Jnr doesn't want to be a banker/doctor/accountant/all the jobs his dad never had a chance of doing, he wants to join the PWRR as a tom instead. But the Singh family may have less of an objection to him doing it part time. He may then transfer over (stranger things have happened).

    4) More contact between the military and the wider community. A lament often heard on this site is that most civilians have never met a soldier, TA or Reg. That gap is presumably wider in the ethnic/immigrant community. Surely closing that gap can only be a good thing.

    Penny for your thoughts?
  2. theres just a security ploblem with extreamists like BNP joining the ranks.

    its not because they are islamic or of another minority, the ploblem is narrow minded fundamentalism, no matter what is thier race religion or kreed.
    and all peoples of all nations have thier bigots and haters, all of us.

    now if you excuse me i'm poping out for a 'moderate' drink at the pub................. na fuk it! i'm going out for an 'extreamist' drink at the pub haha.
  3. A good idea but those I do know in the TA had to face a large amount of pressure from family telling them to leave when Iraq started to kick off.

    I'm not to sure about the security side of it thou, I'm sure someones got the foot on the pedal (I hope)
  4. I say lets worry about their qualities as a potential soldier and leave that orange form to decide whether they are an Abdullah al akbar Karim member or not!

    The TA and the reg army has bigger worries with the quality of the people it employs!
  5. Just my tupence worth for those who have never worked with Sikh Soldiers,

    You will never come across a more genuine, hard working, friendly and fierce warrior than these chaps. Had a Sikh Oppo for a very long time and you wouldn't want for anything. The guy you would want on your side in a firefight.

    The Sikhs have a long history of British service dating from indian empire times.

    Salt of the Earth.
  6. We had a Muslim guy leave us to join our 1st Battalion , after FTRS'ing and deciding he liked it.

    This individual was part of the break in into the sandy place , and by all accounts , a damn fine soldier.

    He is out now , but for all the 1st Battalion spotters lurking , he's starting to get homesick :D
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  12. Thanks for that poorly spelt, badly worded tirade. You have also succeeded in not even making what you are saying clear. Are you saying you are extremist? Instead of reading (although I doubt you could) Mein Kampf, I suggest you try a dictionary!
  14. Stealth,
    No I am not a Rupert but fortunately I am not as confused as you...

    Stealth clearly needs to be a Doctor, Socialist, alcoholic, atheist, moderate, working class, dyslexic political advisor etc.

    While you are drinking your beer, you may wish to consider why you bothered posting in the first place and just crack back on with bigging yourself up in the mirrror (The Daily Mirror most probably).

    You talk a lot but don't actually have anything to say sadly...
  15. nope sorry, i mostly tend to reflect in the independant

    coff coff :roll: