Recruiting Forum rules:

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A reminder of the recruiting forum rules, which apply equally to regular and reserve boards:

1. Please check and use the relevant sticky thread before posting the n’th single post thread of the week enquiring if asthma will be a problem at the medical or to tell everyone you are “buzzin lad” about going to Pirbright.

2. Read and consider the personal security advice thread. No names, times, dates, Facebook or other social media links.

3. Consider advice given in context. Just because someone has attended or passed selection, it doesn’t mean they are suddenly all knowing about the processes or scoring. There are some genuine recruiting experts who give advice on these boards. Ignore them at your peril. For example, fitness preparation has moved on since Uncle Albert was advised to put on hobnail boots, load a rucksack with 100Kg of bricks and hike up and down Everest for 27 hours a day.

4. If posting or giving advice, it should be accurate, relevant, up to date, helpful and polite. If you can’t manage that, don’t post.

5. ROPs and bans await for people too stupid or arrogant to realise that the recruiting forum is not the NAAFI and that different moderation standards apply. And no, I don't care if you think your post is witty, or that the other poster deserved it.

To help you out, some links below:

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