Recruiting flyers

Here's (albeit slightly old) one to get the ball rolling.

What is everyone else using?


Dear msr,

Superb. Luckily have meeting v. shortly with 'artistic' types to discuss this. Will show this if you don't mind.

Benefits, benefits, benefits!

Love the disclaimer - quite right or someone will get iffy. Is there anyone with a particularly legal mind (preferrably not as a regular defendant) who can advise on disclaimers in this context?

Its pretty good as a specific to unit one :)

However as far as the pay being equal to regular rates i dont think it should be on there, nor should the licences for a car licence because its quite clear that doesnt apply to all units ;) (ahem RLC! :D ).

But i think it sells your unit well enough :)

The disclaimer was lifted from the recruiting DVD cover.


I'm good, but not good enough to recruit for the entire TA ;)

Mmmmm simple but good gives out the necessary facts without boring people.

My unit is using a mixture of the generic template ones from RFCA with the unit details on and locally produced ones which go into a bit more depth about trades, pay the squadron in general.

Another squadron in the regiment is an example of how not to recruit! The present batch of recruiting bumpf consists of a photo of a bloke (more about him in a minute) in the field S95 bottoms, green t-shirt and cammed up and limply holding a 320 handset ffs!!! Opsec permiting i'll post a pic of it when i get hold of one. As for the bloke he was exposed as a walt he bragged of doing 18 months in the marines including with 42 Commando, turned out when his paperwork arived he had done less than a month with a fair percentage of that in the sickbay oh how we laughed.

The same squadrons previous recruiting wizzardry consisted of a white tea coaster with a stencilled on cartoon picture of a vietnam style us soldier inc' M16 oh very proffesional.....
my units is pretty good-got a picture of a CR2 as the main part with the headline "Are you up to the challenge?" as well as nessecery details on the bottem
It's also useful as a 'script'.

BU, Can you scan one of your flyers?

A recent 'knowledgeable' briefing stated that the main criteria is/will be brand manual. Some regions are allegedly a little more 'carefree' than others. Apparently/allegedly this will be tightened up shortly IOT ensure we all look the same, and are identical/similar to Reg literature (by Arm/Corps).

The explanation pointed at forthcoming GENERIC literature with simply the names, addresses and perhaps pictures changing. Basically one Army (Arm/Corps) so one message.

It is suggested that in general Reg recruiting is not necessarily the model to base this on. Perhaps a more beneficial answer would be to look at the methods employed by successfully recruiting TA (and Reg) units/sub-units. If the initial response is 'it won't work, the TA recruit differently', then the reason for combining the two methods has been negated.

It is suggested that all regions MAY (i.e. under discussion), have entry points (Open days) dictated to them (the suggestion was 3 or 4 p.a.), and that the budget will be centrally spent to support these intakes on behalf of units/sub-units. i.e. no local specifically targeted initiatives.

Currently, we require 6 entry points (though 7 would be ideal) IOT spread the admin burden, and to prevent too long a wait for potential recruits. This is needed even if only to have a fighting chance of producing sufficient qualified instructors to provide a reasonable instructor/student ratio.

Please note, I am NOT saying that this WILL happen, just that this is what has been alleged by people who 'should' be in the know.

My position is that closer integration with National Campaigns, Regional efforts and Reg RT's is beneficial. However it is certain that the entry points for a particular region will be the same for all the units/sub-units that comprise it. So all units will have their ME's concurrently.

If you have any specific 'authoratative' info, please either post or PM. If the information given to me is incorrect, I will ecstatically self-edit to avoid spreading falsehoods.


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