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Due to the interest and ideas being exchanged here, it is suggested that in order to benefit everybody, we post short outlines of recruiting activities we do and the success/failure of them.

suggested outline:

General/recruiting for specific posts e.g. Want chefs so targeted McDonalds.

Activity undertaken (and any support e.g. LR and 4 bods in town centre, we put up 40 posters around area 2 weeks beforehand, and had 3 adverts in local newspaper/whatever).

Immediate result - 10 AFCO 1's completed, 3 turned up at drill night, 2 passed medical etc.

Conclusions - Expenditure - £600 for adverts so cost per recruit is £300
Posters - Not mentioned by any of the 10. They just say 'Join TA'. Change message?
Blokes not happy with standing on street corners in Feb. Change time of year or look to attend venues?

Not perfect, but we can all then see what other people are doing and learn from their mistakes/try out things road tested in other areas.

We will conduct a phase in March, I will post on this in early April.

And if you could fold these ideas back into the recruiting wiki page, I would be most grateful.

P.S. For chefs, you may want to target your local catering college - we have had an extremely positive responsive from ours. More details when we have some results.
Things that worked well in the last 18 months.

Chefs - Catering College/Further Education

Hooks - Relevant experience for CV - Field cooking, mess functions, budgeting
- Pay/flexibility - the course entails working at events to gain experience, so a regular part time job could be a problem.
- Health and Safety quals - CV
- HAZMAT (why this is seen as relevant beats me)
- Driving Licence
- Link to reg RLC

Cost - 1/4 MTD

Result - 2 Chefs

Cost per recruit - Nil from recruiting budget

Advantages - An initiative with long term benefits that requires very little MTD expenditure or cost to recruiting budget.

Idea that worked well.

Job Fair (not job centre). Info available from your City/Borough Council/Unitary Authority, and from job centres for some fairs.

Points - Many attendees are already employed but looking to change.
- Those on benefits (that fit the general market that you detail) HAVE to see you or lose benefit
- KAPE possible as a side issue

Cost - £300-600 (varies according to area and duration of event (1,2 or 3 days).

Results - 60+ AFCO Form 1's
- 20 pitched up to Open Day
- 4 well into RT

Cost per recruit £125 from recruiting budget

Advantages - Small MTD cost, guaranteed opportunity to 'sell', possible longer term benefit i.e. some may get in contact once they have a job (no data on this yet available).

On the subject of AFCO Form 1s, how many times to you try to contact the person who filled it in before you give up?

Don't forget your local college/University will have Job Fairs as well.

We tried local university job fair a few years ago. Were politely asked to leave by OTC types. In accordance with the friendly spirit, we moved - much closer to the front door (right outside if memory serves. Took the suitable candidates and directed the girls to the OTC.

Splendid. Everyone happy. Until the OTC CO found out..............................cnut!
Freshers' Fair is next post (need to check some details), but ref contact:

1. AFCO I completed. Send letter 'Thank you for your enquiry, please find enclosed (TA brochure), Intake night on ... ask Q's, find out more. To reserve your place please call on ...., this is on a first come first served basis, after which the next Intake night will be ... (2-3 months later)'.

2. If they call great, they get a letter with Unit brochure. 'We look forward to seeing you. Please bring with you .... You will be hosted by Cpl Dave Wibble who will call you shortly beforehand to introduce himself to you. Dress is (anything vaguely legal). Here is a map, please give your name in at the guardroom and you will be met there. Please call us in advance to let us know how you will be arriving. If by car we must have a registration number, and if you will be dropped off, whether your driver would like to stay in the bar for coffee whilst you ... (ANYTHING to get them to call a second time - commitment).

We WANT parents to attend - they hear the 'no drugs' bit etc, and nearly all become VERY enthusiastic. Also they have met us, so when sprog tells them all about the 'underwater laser knife fighting course', they can take a view.

The phonecall is to ensure they feel loved, and to make sure that they don't decide not to come because they forgot to tell us the registration number etc.

3. If they haven't called, they get basically the same letter with brochure, 'last few places left ...'(and we really are normally full - max manageable number is 60, for admin reasons not space).

4. If for some reason we captured their info but there is an 8 week wait or more, they get a third letter 'Thought you might be interested in enclosed unit magazine. If possible they get a telephone call 'Did you get it?' and further chit chat. Questions are batted with 'That is what the Intake Night is for, you will get all the info there, and the chance to ask questions' etc.

5. If they let us know beforehand they couldn't attend, they get a polite letter thanking them for being considerate and helping us out, 'and because you let us know we were able to allocate your place to another potential candidate. The next open evening is, and as per our conversation, a place is reserved for you....'

6. If they just don't pitch, they get a short but friendly letter 'We are sorry you were unable.. The next etc..' This can also be done by phone, but we prefer them to initiate phonecalls to us. Firstly keenness, and secondly we don't know whether they really are who they say they are, their real age etc, and embarrasing 'Is he really?...' conversations are avoided.

7. After the second no show their details are put into file 13, UNLESS they told us and the reasons are sensible. Frankly you can normally tell by the way they put it and the tone of their voice, but we don't send any more letters. We may call once since mix-ups as in 6. above are unlikely.

The above is the plan, it doesn't always happen that way, but near enough. Approx 2/3 of all those whose AFCO 1 is completed do not show (but we know beforehand about approx half of these). Approx 5% cannot make the Intake night. About 2/3 of these show for the next one.

The Intent is to give people every opportunity to call us. If they don't they aren't interested, and therefore we do not waste time and effort on them.

We tried Fresher's Fair a couple of years ago, but simply found it too busy to make a significant impact.

Best to let the OTCs run around, then just pick up those they don't select on their selection w/e and leave a healthy handful of flyers with the Adjt for those who have missed the selection w/e and can't wait another year.

I think you have missed the point of the freshers fair.

Shining young officer in service dress: "Hello there ladies, interested in getting dirty with the boys?" - points to strapping PTI's sttod beaming behind him.
Young, naieve, girlies: "I did'nt think you had girls in the army."
Shining young officer in service dres: "Of course, the Army is an equal opportunities employer."
Young, naieve, girlies: "What do we have to do?"
Shining young officer in service dress: "Come to the union tonight and have a few drinks with the boys. If they like you, you're in."
Young, naieve, girlies: "OK, what time?"
Shining young officer in service dres: "About 8. We meet in [pub around the corner], see you there. Make sure you bring some friends."
Young, naieve, girlies: "OK, thanks."
Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

I recall it working.

Don't recall being asked for student ID - but we (it was a Pl night out, after all) had edged our bets (coy clerk ran the union!)

Which university? In Manchester it is massive and to get noticed is difficult. How many people did you get join from it?

Dear MSR,

Ref: Capt Calamity - I think you've missed the point. Personally I am always on the lookout for a svelte swedish student of oriental massage to be my medic, and to run my field jacuzzi for me! But I agree with you - we've got to recruit them first.

Top tip for these fabled AFCO 1's is to make sure you fill them out for them, you get to keep them talking and more importantly you make sure that you get it filled in correctly (even adding other stuff to the back of it that they might be interested in etc etc).

Too many times i have had to deal with AFCO 1's that are not completed fully, are illegible and dont paint a quick picture of who it was or what they were like (better to form a picture and know what you are going to be working with).

2p :)
My unit has just done a leaflet drop round the local towns . cost 8 days pay +plus petrol for 2 vechicles plus cost of leaflets and lunch.
One enthuastic recruit who actually wants to come in tuesday and a couple of possibles .Its bloody cold if you had a free weekend
would you be in the town centre? Blokes might take leaflets but no one really wants to chat as its so cold .See the result on tuesday I
would be cheaper to do a leaflet drop by speaking to your local "free papers" and sweet talk them into including leaflets in their papers, the same as other junk mail companies do, at least then it makes its way into the house aswell ;)

Also in a lot of town areas now its becoming increasingly more difficult to do leaflet stands, you will find that you arent allowed to actively stop people in the street "legally" and canvas them, they are supposed to actually walk over to you and ask for one ;)
Had a bit of success (admittedly several years ago now) by putting a couple of lads in uniform into a local newsagent where they were kindly allowed to put our leaflet into the local weekly bought paper. Lads helped the shopkeeper out with a few bits and pieces, chatted to customers because they were there in uniform and generally all reckoned it was a positive inititative but one which we didn't want to "spoil" by overdoing it. Probably about time to resurrect the idea again though....
fivetodo said:
would be cheaper to do a leaflet drop by speaking to your local "free papers" and sweet talk them into including leaflets in their papers, the same as other junk mail companies do, at least then it makes its way into the house aswell ;)
How effectice are the free papers, I choose my first unit from them but they didn't make me aware of the TA. That was a mate describing some guys in uniform as being in the the TA, (they were infact ATC!!).

p.s. Then I joined ATC after advice from RAF careers, TA seemed the next logical step. ACF was for the thicko's (in my town it was)

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