Recruiting Course at Bovington

Hi. Has anyone done the recruiting Cse at Bovington and if so, can you give me some advice?? I am looking at working at a recruiting office early next year and am after some tips.

Make sure you take plenty of cash,
Its possible the worst course I have been on, you learn more on your two week detachment.
Be prepared to be be treated like a four year old and also to be spoon fed the party line.
And if the Equality and Diversity package is run by the same person then your in for some utter Bollocks to be taught at you (Was told on my course by the EO&D Expert that mixed race marriages are still against the Law in some States in the US!!!!)
strima said:
Sibling marraige is illegal in the UK but it still happens in Marchwood!!!!
It is only 10 miles or so from Fester Moors, tis only to be expected that people would not be happy with just marrying thems cuzzins now is it?
If asked any questions on EO... give the exact opposite answer to the one that first pops into your head.
not for me mate lol

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