Recruiting Catch-lines: How do you do it?


War Hero
Making that first approach and pitching it right is arguably the most difficult part of the recruiting process. I would love to know how other ARSSErs pitch that first catch-line when they approach a potential recruit, and what works for them.

For example: 'Are you looking for a unique challenge?' looks great on a recruiting poster or printed up on your stand, but if you actually say it to a potential recruit I think you are more likely to scare them off. So, any suggestions as to your opening gambit?


War Hero
Thanks. They aren't going to get off on the cameraderie until they've actually experienced it, and that means that - somehow - you've managed to reel them in in the first place, did you do it?

I'm serious. Everybody recognises that recruiting can be very difficult, and everybody recognises that a successful recruiter is a major asset to their unit. So what makes them good, and how can the rest of us learn from them? With all the egos round here, there must surely be someone who claims to be a top recruiter! ;)
Judging by the small number of recruits we seem to get of late, all of whom are ex regs or rejoining TA. I dont know.

However i have mentioned the TA to a few freinds in the past and these points seem to raise interest.

1. Part time work that fits in around your life. You can do more when you have time or less when you have lots, on like exams or busy periods in your civvi job.

2. Not only do you get paid and get travel expenses but there is a Tax free bounty.

3. The army will pay you to do things other people pay to do. Shooting, adventure training, parachuting you can do them all and get paid for it.

4. It involves being a real soldier, you wiil be called up if you stay in. Are you good enough?

Seems to work, but sadly my recruiting team dont seem awfully interested in recruiting sometimes.

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