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I am planning to review the entire recruiting structure of my Coy and one of the key things I need to sort out is the rubbish/non-existent recruitment and promotional materials.

I have the contacts and experience to get things moving, however before I present my findings to the OC can anyone give me any suggestions about geting cash.

Have you tried to get money out of RFCA or anywhere else, if so were you successful?
Yes and Yes. RFCA will/should provide flyers posters etc, I'm no expert having been "talked" into the recruiting role quite recently. That said the local RFCA seem very helpful and have meetings about once a month etc, which you might want to go to to build a good relationship.

In order to get money, you will need to present a list of requirements and costs. The PSAO should know the system.

PM me for more info

Your plan should fit in with your regimental plan, which is the one submitted to RFCA for dosh.

I belive each coy has about £200 for whatever (within reason ie no booze) at there desposal as long as they show recipts, i know my contact at the RFCA has been brilliant, v v much a can do attituide,

we have tried to organise stands at funfairs and areas at which people congrigate on weekends, but are one offs not somthing they would be doing as a leisure activity, for example a harrow show. However i had huge dramas with the local government who if they let you put a stand in a park (need there permision to take weapons on site) then they will charge full wack for a permit, as aparently the TA was not a non- profit organisation and we did nothing with local people to help with the local area, (while i diplomaticaly mention CCRF etc). Eventualy got around this by inviting the mayor to a mess dinner (strange i was sitting next to her!!!!)

dont be put to off it is possible just takes a little scullduggary and imagination


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There are various ways to get money. Firstly, your unit should be in receipt of an annual budget from the regional RFCA, where the amount is based on the number of soldiers within your unit. This is probably the £200 that crazyfool is talking about. Your PSAO already know about this.

Other than that, it's just a case of applying for specific grants to the RFCA. Don't be put off though - everyone who deals with them generally agrees that the system they have now is absolutely brilliant. They are incredibly helpful: Don't ask us, ask them!!!!

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