Recruiting cadets

Discussion in 'ACF' started by speedybham, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. I'm interested to know, how do the cadets recruit in areas?

    Do they visit schools? How do it work?

    Not for myself, i just curious, please enlighten me....

  2. I think the technical term is "grooming"
  3. Most detachments recruit by word of mouth, our local ACIO send quite a few down.

    Recruiting ideas, get your name about, local press etc, some dets go into schools, but that is entirely dependent on the head.

    Collect for a local charity, give out business cards to passers by etc.
  4. Do they often have capacity for additional cadets??

    and....Whats the reaction of school headteachers, do they veiw the cadets independant of army??
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  7. Not really anything to do with the headteacher, unless it is a CCF, which is established within a School/College.
  8. well how do you recruit then? surely secondary schools are the prime age group (no useless comments, unless you want a mouth full of abuse!! thanks! :D :D )
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  14. It is entirely dependent on the headteacher as to who he lets into the school most are very supportive some are a little loony left, and think we are attempting to "train boy soldiers like they do in Angola" and yes that is a quote.

    Think the key is to emphasize the non green things we do such as DofE, first aid quals, Btec etc.
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