Recruiting Cadets to a new Detachment - any ideas?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by BuggerAll, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I am about to be appointed as a DC in a new Det. One of the major issues is recruitment - we have 2 cadets at the moment.

    We have a plan which will involve leafleting, posters in schools/shops/community centres, setting up stands on Sat in local population centres etc. The obvious.

    I'd be interested to hear any other ideas that have worked for anyone else.
  2. local rugby and footie clubs?
  3. Local newspaper and talking at local school assemblies works for me. Hope thiis helps and good luck.
  4. Agreed with the previous poster that talking at assemblies has a noticable impact, especially if you can get poster-sized pictures of cadets doing the more photogenic activities. Also having some decent leaflets and posters printed out to leave with the head of year.

    Open evenings are also useful with the cadets demonstrating a range of activities, including some for the potential recruits to get involved in - playing battleships over radios, applying cam-cream etc.
  5. Free iPods?

    Or if you want to be old school send the drummers and 'cruiting Sgts out!!!!
  6. You when you see kids playing or out with parents you should chat to them. Badger them in to comming and agree to pick them up in the minibus on the day as many might argree to shut you up. Then turn up and at set time and tell parents they agreed and you have driven for miles missing the birth of your kitten and your dogs funneral to be there on time as agreed. The parents will feel oblidged to let them go.
  7. I helped on quite a few ACF open evenings when I was Recruiting in the ACIO by getting thr RRT's involved aswell. I know there for Regular recruiting but if they can get to the area can pass on information about the new detachments. The best place however is the schools, get permission to go into the local school for the catchment area with some senior cadets with their kit and chat to the kids during the lunch time. Then organise an evening open day once again use cadets from your other areas to get parents in and see what could happen if they join ACF. IMHO the leaflet thing is a waste of money as most people will throw in the bin so get some hands on activities and show the future kids and parents what you can do.
  8. one thing not to do is have peter tobin as your recruiter, but then again he could be quite good on lessons such as "digging in"
  9. I should have been clearer - leaflets useful to give to the head of year for when pupils ask him or her for more info about cadets. Pupils have invariably forgotten details after the assembly presentation, so having a leaflet which sets out range of activities, age limits, cost, contact details, details of open evenings, website address etc will easily answer their questions. Only interested pupils are given the leaflets, so not a waste IMO.
  10. Our detachment is actually at the local school, so we got permission to have a couple of posters up in the school. That worked well.
  11. find out if there is a local event of fetes or miltary type events, get permission and set up a small stand or Army Tent if you are lucky, with Cadet applying Cam cream for free to any guests for free as an alternative to face painting that do frequent these events, Cadets talking about themselves, Posters of Cadets doing activities, few military bits and bobs that will survive abuse, maybe some drill thrown in and getting the visitors to join in marching.

    one thing I may add as well, it is wise to tell them fully what they are getting involved in, that it is not a Boy Scout type organisation, Its a Disciplined Organisation with an empathises on Military Training, let them know as much as we give discipline and direction also mention that in return for taking part they must also develop and show Self Discipline, that way, you won't be wasting time with unsuitable recruits who may be better off in a Youth club or a Scout organisation, ACF is not for everybody, different strokes for different people and all that.

    once you get quality Cadets in, you can start building up an NCO cadre and then you got a good start to the Det.
  12. I've done a recruiting talk at a local school, who wanted an ACF detachment, and it went down a storm. My mate is the OC and he is looking to do another talk in January. One of our units has two recruit intakes a year to avoid the dribs and drabs and this seems to work really well too. It all depends on your location to be honest. Word of mouth can be quite good as well. Good luck mate!!
  13. feltham young offenders ?
  14. I believe they sport your cap badge old boy.
  15. I would steer well clear of putting cam cream on people unless you have correct risk assessments and disclaimers for the ones your applying it to. Ive known a few RRTs in the past who nearly came a cropper with parents wanting to sue the MOD over dry cleaning bills and also kids have allergic reactions against cam cream. It can be dodgy ground putting it on kids who are not cadets without parents consent.