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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by VeritasUK, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Greetings, this is my first post on the site, I've been browsing for a while though and found plenty of useful information already.
    I am just about to begin the process of applying to join the Army and have narrowed my choice of regiments down to 3. I am hoping to arrange to go on some look at life courses for as many of them as possible but before I did I have a question regarding recruitment areas.
    The 3 regiments I am looking at are The Grenadier Guards, The Rifles and The Royal Artillery - preferably a Light Gun regt, but I'm not dead set. I have noticed that my local AFCO does not specifically recruit for these 3 units and I was wondering whether or not there were any kinds of rules that would inhibit me from applying for any of these 3 based on my location?
    Also, if there's anyone currently serving with any of these regiments that can give me an insight into any positive or negative aspects of any of them I'd greatly appreciate it.
    Apologies for the ramble, and thanks in advance for any help I get.
    V :thumleft:
  2. I doubt your location would really make a difference to which regiment you could join.
    Don't be afraid to go to your AFCO and ask, or just send them an e-mail!
  3. From experience they will give you a tough crack at getting into any other inf reg other than the local one, When i was after the Rifles i got "convinced" it was better for me to go my local reg.
  4. So my best bet with regards to the AFCO will probably be to go in knowing that those 3 regiments are the one's I want to look at in more detail, and try not to be swayed by any attempts to push me towards a local regiment, or even their own?
    I read a thread on here where people were talking about how they went into the AFCO thinking about applying for one regiment or corps and coming out having applied to a completely different one. Hopefully I'll be able to resist their charms, but will obviously listen to anything they've got to suggest.
  5. Go in State what you want to join and stick to your guns
  6. The only reason the Recruiters will advise you that you go to a certain Infantry, Guards, RA or RAC Regiment is so that your with the local Regiment to your area. Some of the bonuses for this is that other lads in your unit will be going back to the same area whilst your on leave, you understand others from your Regiment and have local ties and history. If you have reasons for going into a different Catchment Regiment you can do but need to explain family connections etc when you chat to the Recruiter and PSO.
    Those who dont really make a choice would normally be put into a Footprint Battalion (ie the one that needs bolstering due to manning).

    Id always opt for going into your local Regiments as you have more chance of knowing others who join..........Lots get persuaded by instructors in Phase 1/2 to follow them into their Regiments though.
  7. Cheers for that, I'll definitely stick to my guns (pun intended? :? :) )

    Any current serving members of any of the regiments mentioned above, I'd really appreciate and inside info you may be able to share. Obviously I've searched extensively online for information on them all but first hand information is always much more true and accurate. I've got some information about the Gunners from my uncle who served with them for quite a long time which helped a lot.

  8. Veritas what area are you in??
  9. North West. Merseyside.
  10. Same area as me mate. Im going Light Gun Royal Artillery. I sort of had a one-tracked mind with regards to which job i wanted. The AFCO did try and sway me towards a technical job though, like you say stick to your guns. As far as i'm aware theres only one regular army regiment that uses the Light Gun who are based in Scotland, could be wrong though.
  11. Your massively wrong mate, there are 3 Regular Regts that use Lt Gun

    7th (Parachute) Regt RHA based in Colchester
    29 (Commando) Regt RA based in Plymouth
    40 Regt RA based in Topcliffe (I think) - These guys are however referred to as the Lowland Gunners and recruit from Scotland, but most of the guys I have worked with in 40 have came from all over the country

    29 have a Bty in Scotland, also 105 Regt RA(v), a Territorial Army Regt, is however based in Scotland and Northern Ireland and they use Lt Gun

    For the other guy, I can't speak for the Guards nor Rifles over location, but every ACIO recruits for every Regt and in the case of the RA, yes they have regional areas but job choice often come first, I for example am from London and ended up in a Scouse Regt for my sins
  12. If your GTI score is high, of course your Recruiter is going to SUGGEST a technical trade. But remember its only a suggestion.
  13. I have given the technical trades a thought, but I've come to the decision that I'd much prefer to go Infantry (or possibly RA). If I didn't go for it it's something I think I might regret doing down the line if I did choose something like REME or Sigs.
    I guess I'm just going to have to go in and state in no uncertain terms what I've decided on, and make sure I know as much as I can about my chosen units.
  14. If your anything like your Avator, thank fcuk your not joining the REME :wink: