Recruiting after defence budget review.

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by LeatherHead, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. After all the cuts revealed by the ConDem goverment this afternoon, I am curious if anyone has an idea how this is going to effect recruiting within the Army.

    As I understand it, there is going to be 7000 job losses within the Army alone, with a further 10000 in the Navy and RAF. Is it possible that those who are unfortunate enough to be loosing their jobs will be instead re-located into another job, thus soaking up job opportunities for the potential recruit?

    Another point to be made as far as recruiting goes, is the Germany withdrawal. I've no idea what number of troops are based in Germany at the moment, but it stands to reason that with the loss of positions in Germany, there will be less need for new recruits elsewhere within the Army for those same jobs.
  2. Hello Mr Journalist!
  3. Actually I've been trying to get into the Army as a VM for some time now. Check my previous posts if you wish.
  4. I'm interested in what the general opinion might be on this, as my son is half way through the process. Perhaps there will be a scaling back on the numbers of overseas entrants for vacant posts? (The Fijians may be great for army rugby, but if it comes down to my son getting one of the few slots available or a young lad from one of the far-flung colonies I know which gets my vote...)
  5. It is highly likely that recruiting will continue (but it may reduce a little) as the most junior ranks need to be replenished all the time, redundancies, if/when they come, will be targeted at the older element and possibly the people unable to deploy on operations. Some ranks may be encouraged to move to trades where there are current shortages, but that won't solve all the gaps - it is very unlikely however that many will swap between the Services. The number of vacancies for new recruits may be affected by any transfers but there will still be plenty of slots if you're good enough, including VM I would have thought as not too many can/will transfer into that trade. The withdrawal from Germany will take years but it does happen it doesn't mean that all the posts will go - if the various Bdes and units over there are to remain on the ORBAT they will move back to the UK, not disband, their continued existence isn't dependent on being stationed in Germany.
  6. yes the one with the better grade at ADSC!!
  7. By half-way through the process I assume you mean the application rather than training? If it's the former I would suggest that providing he meets the required standard for his chosen trade then he should stand a good chance of getting. The recruiters have been aware of potential reductions and have made some allowance for the future, including F&C soldiers, however competition from within the British citizens alone is very tough now.
  8. After hearing about all of the cuts in defence imnot quite as excited as I was about joining up. Dont get me wrong I want to serve in the Army and im enthusiastic about joining up its just I cant help but feel the perks that go with being in the Army are going to be few and far between. Am I right in thinking there will be less money for travel and adventure sports? I just get the impression im going to be trained up and sent to Afghanistan every other year and most probably the tour will last a year! I of course understand im joining the Army I will do as im ordered.
    What do others think who are serving/ex serving?
  9. How about imposing the same physical standards on ALL recruits, ie women to pass the same test as men. That should weed out a few unfit recruits leaving the vacancys free for stronger physical specimens. It would also be true equality and lessen the problem of tarts getting pregnant on ops and pleading their bellies, resulting in having to be replaced by invariably male soldiers. Additionally, any soldiers found to have voted for either of the 3 main parties should resign immediately thus freeing up vacancies for soldiers who actually care about their country.

    Oh yes bring back Fox Hunting, execute anyone found reading The Guardian and make it compulsory to drink alcohol!
  10. Personally being the Army I would just up the pass mark for everything on every recruiting test. Result - a smaller, cheaper army of better people and when it expands they can pass their skills down
  11. You forgot to add "from the age of 10" at the end.
  12. Journalist?! The OP doesn't even know how to spell neither 'affect' nor 'losing' correctly!
  13. Will the cutbacks effect Officer recruitment in the future? I.E fewer intakes?
  14. I'm sorry if I'm starting to sound like a grammar Nazi here but, in your question there, the 'effect, is meant to be spelled 'affect' with an 'a'. Also, just to note from what I have read so far on this board, it's 'try to' not 'try and'; 'try and + verb' is grammatically incorrect.
  15. Must work for the Grauniad then.