Recruiting Adverts, why so crap?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frigate23, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Despite being crap they're better now than they have been in the past.

    Do you remember the 'Where's Frank Now' campaign showing Frank's no-mark mates sitting in a cafe wondering where Frank was now. Stangely he always seemed to be skiing, scuba diving or leaping from helicopters and not stagging on, doing pokey drill, litter sweep or playing freccles!
  2. The Cloggy advert is good!

    That wouldn't work in Britain though because todays younger work-shy/scrounging/falt wanting/lazy/giro junkie generation would think that it looks too much like hard work.
  3. Yes among other classic squaddie hobbies such as water skiing!

    Have you ever seen a squaddie water skiing?!
  4. Just think of the sandal it'd cause if you were actually caught having fun in the armed forces.

    I can just see the red tops Squadie has a bit of fun - shock Why weren't they out killing someone, etc.

    Check out RAF probes helicopter golf trip for crabs get a lift scandal.
    I just don't think you can win these days.


    edit to add check this: Germans get to waterski :D
  5. They are restricted in what they can do in the ads as they aren't allowed to glorify war or firearms in anyway, I watched an intresting ( yes I'm that boring) documentary on how they were funded/made a few years back!
  6. Wind surfing... I was promised I could learn to Windsurf off the coast of Cyprus.

    The only times I visited Cyprus were to and from Jordan/Iraq/Afghanistan.
  7. YOU can buy a lot of smarty's for £40 a week
  8. Bizarre though it may sound yes....had a brilliant 2Lt. who got a boat and used to take the platoon water skiing. Mind you I'm still waiting for the coach load of nurses..... :p
  9. Even still, that can't be considered a perk of the job! thats just a good contact!