Recruiting Advert and Economic Situation

I know the issue of the "credit crunch" and recruitment/retention has been discussed in other threads but anyway...

In the gym at lunchtime yesterday, I actually heard a radio advert (I'm pretty sure it was for the Army but may have been for all three services)saying words to the effect of:

"With the economy in the state it's in, now is a great time to visit an Armed Forced Careers Office to see how a job in the Army could give you money"

I know we've all acknowledged that economic downturns are always good for recruiting but I thought it was odd that they would use it as a recruiting statement! In fact, I thought it was a bit sh1t to be honest.

PLEASE IGNORE - I've just seen the current thread in CA.
It is an Army one, heard it on Galaxy.

It does sound like one thats been knocked together in about 10 minutes, doesn't really bother me that much to make a post on Arrse about it though!
What!! Miss an opportunity to whip up a frenzy about how we're looking to pollute the country's finest with dole grabbing, IVA dodging chavs??

Actually, I just thought it was worth mentioning in light of some of the other threads. Which is why I added it to one of them and put "please ignore" on this one.. :D

Cheers for establishing the details about the ad though.
The problem being more recruits= a longer wait for ADSC/Selection

People are put off with the six week wait for selection and the two month wait (at times) for Phase One training!
An article in yesterdays Daily Telegraph on the same subjet stated that:

'You're never going to be made redundant from the Army'

Obviously the reporter wasn't alive in the early 90's when thousands of soldiers were made redundant, some voluntarily and some not so.
Saw an ad on C4 just now. Something about how the army gives you job security.

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