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Many thanks for Dav's pointers, if your a recruiter or phase 1 instructor and have some vaild tips or feel something listed here is way off the mark then do a follow on post or PM me or forastero. Random crayoning and pointless tips will be deleted without notice, over to Dav - Thanks Disco


When you first present yourselves at a Recruiting Office this is your 1st interview, we don’t tell you that but it is. (This should clear up why no 1st interview threads).

Dress smart; don’t wear baseball caps or hats as this hides your face on the camera you are looking at when you are buzzed in.

Turn off your mobile phones, iPods, laptops or what ever other electrical equipment you are carrying, for it go off mid interview is a schoolboy error on your part.

The recruiter is not your mate, friend, bezzer, buddy. They don’t expect you to know the rank structure but avoid calling them the above, call them by their first name they (the recruiter) should give it to you when the introduce themselves, (we have taken the time to remember yours and call you by it).

If you have an idea what job you want tell them, there are 140 jobs available, do some research, go on the Army Jobs website, if you don’t have a clue don’t worry we will go over them as part of the 1st interview.

Pay attention to what you are being told, don’t sit their looking out the window or yawning this marks you out as a time waster, you came into our office.

When filling in the initial contact form try to make it neat, make sure you put a valid phone number and address and/or post code, make sure you put your DOB.

They may want to take your height and weight (wear clean socks) as this info is easier for when printing your RG8 before you arrive for your BARB.

You will be asked the big four which is crime, debt, drugs and tattoos.

The criteria is as follows:

You should have no more than two unspent convictions any more a 203 may be raised for permission for you to join, if you have been sentenced to more than 30 months in prison or have been done for possession with intent to supply you will be barred from joining. If you are banned due to drink driving you only have a choice of 4 jobs.

Debt too much will stop you from joining; the rule is no more than 25-30% of your income should be going out.

Drugs - as per intent to supply or if you are a habitual user will be bar to entry.

Tattoos – any that are offensive, sexist, racist or likely to offend will be a bar to entry.

Medical is done on a case by case basis however what will stop you is if you have been issued an inhaler in the past 4 years, ADHD or ADD medication in the past 3 years or self harm (we are not going to give you automatic weapons).

If you are from abroad you MUST have at least 4 years on your passport and at least 4 months on your visa.

Once you get through all that you will be invited to attend a BARB test, this is a time and date at your convenience, we work around you should you go to school, college or work.

You should get a DVD with all the jobs on it, watch it, note down any jobs that jump out at you if they come up on your job list job done.

You will need 3 job choices you want to do, if you qualify at ADSC for all 3 jobs you are offered all three, if you don’t make job 1 you are offered 2-3, if you don’t make jobs 1 and 2 you will be offered job 3.

Don’t pluck one of the air for jobs 2 or 3 as you may end up only being offered these.

When you arrive for your BARB arrive early as all of your paperwork needs checking prior to you sitting your BARB.

Make sure you have filled in the AFCO 4 (application form) completely, areas commonly missed is religion, under care order section, referees, NOK, GP details check it before coming then check it again.

Make sure you have signed it, if you are under 18 make sure a parent/guardian has signed it, if not you will be shown the door (under 18’s).

Make sure you bring with you and have signed the tattoo sheet and crime sheet (493).

Make sure you have ID; the minimum is birth cert, if you have a driving licence make sure it is both parts, if you have a passport make sure it’s in date. If you have changed your name make sure you bring with you your change of name deed.

If you are claiming any GCSE’s or equivalent make sure you bring them, GCSE’s D and above will give you some good jobs but C’s are better in English language, Mathematics and Science, ICT, applications in numbers Level 2 (C) or Level 2 (D) and communications (Level 1 or 2).

When you sit the BARB it is all about speed and accuracy, your gut instinct is usually right, if you don’t know it hit one and move on, if it is 50-50 you may get it right.

People who sit there and get them all right only to have a poor score will be down to speed. If a bad score all is not lost as you can sit the BARB 3 times in a year with a 28 day break in-between.

The jobs range from 26-60, the computer does not care if you get 100060 it will only be looking for 26-60, the average is 50, you will be told you score either below or above average.

You may be asked to sit your numeracy and literacy depending on how your office works; this is GCSE English and Mathematics.

This is because of NEETS (not in education, employment or training), some jobs depend on what result you get,

EL3, EL2, EL1, Level 1 or Level 2

You will need to sign this along with your recruiter, for the mathematics some questions have an on screen calculator, you should be given a pen and paper for working out.

The assessment lasts 45 minutes for each one, I have seen it done in 15 with a level 2.

Once this is done you will be given your job list and your recruiter will go through each job with a brief description of each one.

You can ask for as many job briefs to be printed as you want or you can research on the net (Army Jobs).

The job brief contains mountains of information, the minimum we are after is where are you going for phase 1 and 2 training, how long is training, what will you learn which is such things as living in the field, how to handle and fire a weapon, how to tackle an assault course.

You need to know this for all 3 of your job choices.

I always tell my candidates to look at the bigger picture, if you only do 4 years minimum what are you going to do when you get out, if you want to work for Gordon Ramsey one day don’t become a brick layer.

If you are unsure what you want to do ask about look at life course’s, these are 5 days long and you get to see what your job entails, it is free, your train tickets will be booked by your recruiter, we feed you, accommodate you, and get you home, you will not be able to drink and you will be treated as a soldier, (hopefully you know there are two 6 o’clock in a day), if you like what you see join them, if you don’t look else where.

You will have a report written about how you performed, your runtime ect.

If you want to join the Parachute Regiment get yourself on one of the look at life weekends, you can do this direct via the web or ask your recruiter for number, they will send you train tickets direct, if you get a green light from them you should do well at PRAC (lots of threads on this), if they tell you don’t bother, then don’t, if they tell you to do some more work, do it.

You will have your RG8 medical form explained to you in how to fill in, make sure you complete every question.

The first page will contain your height, weight and BMI, if you are JE or SE and what selection centre you will be going to.

The next page is blank. The first page you need to mark has your name and address at the top, make sure it is correct (make sure the information you gave the recruiter was correct).

It asks if you have ever applied to join before, if you have and filled in a previous RG8 tick yes, if you only picked up a magazine tick no, if you have ticked yes but didn’t go anywhere with it you will delay your application as people will be chasing your previous docs and things.

The next page deals with your eyesight, if you have been prescribed glasses or contacts tell your recruiter as you will need a separate opticians report, take this anywhere you can get a free eye test and make sure they put the information on this form, if you walk away and its not on our form you will delay your application as you will have to go back and get the information on one of our forms.

When it asks if you do or do not wish to have access to medical report I would put do not wish as then your doctor will sign your form, if you put yes you may have to pay them yourselves, you do not need to see your report at this stage (or any come to think).

If you are under age make sure your parents/guardians sign it.

Now you have to fill in every question, miss one out the form comes back for you to do it, again delaying your application.

When it asks what physical activity you do make sure you put something.

Once you get to page 10 you are done, take it to your doctor for verification, once this is done it will be sent back to your office for onwards delivery to your selection centre.

The GP’s review your form; hopefully it will come back as suitable to attend selection.

It may require further information if so they may contact your GP direct or send you a letter telling you what further information is required. Do what ever it tells you in a timely manner or you will only delay your application.

You may get a deferral, again a letter will be sent to you telling you why and how long your deferral period is.

You may get a rejection.

Your recruiter does not know what further information is required, why you are deferred or why you are rejected, it is medical in confidence.

It is pointless ringing the office as we don’t know.

If you are suitable you will be invited in for an interview.

The interview.

Turn up smart, shirt and tie minimum, turn up early, make sure phone is off.

You will be greeted by your recruiter and they will start off asking mundane questions how are you, how did you get here ect, this is to put you at ease.

I don’t know how other recruiters start their interviews but I will start the interview asking about your jobs, I ask all that I talked about earlier, i.e. what job 1st, 2nd, 3rd, where are you going for training, how long, what are you going to learn, if you answer all that I then move onto runtimes, it is pointless carrying on if you are outside your runtime required for the job, so if someone tells me they are going Para and is running at 12 minutes interview over.

Don’t lie about your runtime as this will be confirmed before you go to selection (Pre-ADSC explained later).

If you have a reasonable time and you are good on your jobs the interview will start, the recruiter has to sell you to the Selection Officer at ADSC, try not to give one word answers, the areas that need covering are:

Personal Circumstances
Home and Family Background
Partner and Dependents
Standards and Behaviour
Achievements and Interests
Education, Qualifications and Skills
Employment and Work
Sports, Hobbies, Interests, Clubs and Organisations
Achievements and Routine
Military Awareness
Service Connections
Knowledge and Research
Understanding of Terms and Conditions of Service
Aspirations and Expectations

For a complete rundown what each one means look here:


You will also be asked about ADSC, where it is, how long it is, what tests you will do. You should have been given a DVD when you got your job list/RG8, watch it.

You may be asked to do your ice-breaker, which is standing up and talking about yourselves, search on threads for advice.

If all is well you either be given a date for your 3rd interview with the Senior Recruiter or booked onto Pre-ADSC depending on how your office does it business.

If you are going on Pre-ADSC you will turn up in the morning and taken to the venue or told to get their yourselves.

What you do their depends on your area, but mine is you will do the 1.5 mile, command tasks, jerry can and heaves.

If you perform well here you will move on with your application, if you don’t perform here you wont, this is a tool for your recruiter as for up to now you have been claiming a runtime of xxx, however now it is being confirmed, if you are not ready at this stage you will be advised to do more training and more than likely go on another one prior to ADSC.

We want you to have at least a 90% chance of passing ADSC, it is a waste of your and the selection staff’s time if you cannot run or freeze at the command tasks.

So for all the questions about how long it takes from start to finish it’s up to you.

If you pass Pre-ADSC you will have your 3rd interview with the Senior Recruiter again turn up early, smart ect.

This interview is to confirm what the recruiter has reported about you, and to confirm you are suitable to join the Army. Do a search on here for advice.

If you go forward to selection good luck to you, there are more than enough threads that cover what you do using the search button.

If you have chosen a trade that requires a separate interview/selection unless you pass this you won’t be offered the job and your 2nd or 3rd choice will come into play.

If you pass well done you have deserved the pat on the back, but it’s not over yet, you will join the pot waiting for your trade, your start date will depend how well you scored and vacancies, again there is enough discussion on this topic.

My advice is stick in there, you have waited this long to join another couple of months is not going to kill you, keep in contact with your recruiter but trust me as soon as we know, you will know when your start date is, the old saying don’t ring me I’ll ring you works well here.

Due to the wait time don’t slack off the training, but that said if you get a serious injury you may not be joining, if you break a leg playing football you will be waiting for a year after it heals, that means you will have to do the entire process again as everything is only valid for a year.

Make sure you don’t get into trouble if you get arrested and have to go to Court before your start date your place will be gone as we will have to wait and see what happens to you.

If you are caught drink-driving and get banned and the job requires you to drive you will lose your place until the bans over.

So again how long it takes to join is down to you.

Hopefully you have got to the end of this and you have seen the process, every application is taken on its own merits so you may have something, done something that doesn’t fit the norm, if so make sure your recruiter is aware up front and they will deal with it in a confidential manner.
As requested potential applicants don't crayon on here just take valuable points from it and seek advice from other threads and stickies the MODS have kindly set up. Mostly though speak to your own Careers advisor for updated news.


Just want to add, If you have a parent(s) who are unsure about you joining then bring them along with you. It helps to put their minds at ease if they can ask questions too.
Try not to bundle in with all your mates, bring a friend if you need moral support but remember its your chance to shine.

Everytime you step through the door to the office consider yourself on interview. Ask yourself the question. Do I look presentable???

Get a folder for your qualifications and to hold your application paperwork.
Dont turn up two minutes before closing time if you have a question that needs a long answer.

Write questions down that you want to ask. Its easier that way.

Finally Relax, the staff in the Office are not as scary as you think.

Joining from overseas

You need to apply through the Overseas recruiting Cell (google it)

However just one point
Before you start your application be aware you need five years left on your passport and six months on your Visa.
The Army WILL NOT extend your Visa if it runs out during your application process!!
The recruiter is not your mate, friend, bezzer, buddy. They don’t expect you to know the rank structure but avoid calling them the above, call them by their first name they (the recruiter) should give it to you when the introduce themselves, (we have taken the time to remember yours and call you by it).

Absolutely awesome post i wish i had found it when i first started my application. However i do take slight issue with this. Yes this is sound advice however i have found it to be completely different in my case. All of the recruiter's from the word go addressed me as mate, bud, buddy and every other informal friendly name under the sun. This includes during all of my interviews including the 3rd one with the senior recruiter(who is actually my personal recruiter).

This to start with threw me completely as i was going into my interviews with the mindset that they were strictly formal, so it initially put me off balance. I just quickly learnt to address them in the same way and things went swimmingly.

I do really think this will differ on a case by case basis and it was actually quite disconcerting at first.

That being said i go for selection tomorrow and i will not be addressing the officer in my final interview in such a way. :eek:p

Oi Blud

If your application is taking so long or dont get any luck, have a go at the French Foreign Legion.

Get a coach to Paris. On arrival at Paris, get a taxi to the Fort De Nogent, walk through the gates and shout Volontaire Pour Legion.



If your application is taking so long or dont get any luck, have a go at the French Foreign Legion.

Get a coach to Paris. On arrival at Paris, get a taxi to the Fort De Nogent, walk through the gates and shout Volontaire Pour Legion.


Not true Mon ami, I personally have 2 FFL and 1 SFL (discharge papers etc all seen, time done and no reserve liability) being processed in exactly the same way as everyone else. Just dont speak about Ghurkas and MPGS in the same breath though...
hey, i need help, i got defferd from the adsc due to high blood pressure, did the 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure test and it was fine, i did send the results back to the adsc but havent hard from them, anyone knows how long the defferal is?
is the army going to extend visas for overseas applicants if they are selected for training?
No its up to the applicant to ensure their Visa is up to date at their own expense, they need to have a valid one to go into training with, if out of date only by a few days prior to their start date they will be de allocated. Once a start date is given the Recruiter can give a letter to aide the application when you submit your Visa application to UKBA and once you get the LR number back to say your visa is going through the long process there are a lot of liasing with UKBA to try and get it sorted .......only advice is put your application to extend your Visa in at least 10 weeks prior to it running out...remember though at your expense. Maybe this question should of gone in to the many Visa questions as this thread is really for info about the process not a free for all so hopefully if Discos not sunning it up sipping Pimms he will move later.
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