Recruiter says Intel or RMP but i want to be a Gunner?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Sirtrev, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. So im 30 and awaiting selection date. Im healthy and as long as i stay that way run time etc no problem.

    Recruiter thinks i should go RMP or intel as get promoted quicker and given age etc its the best career path. I know its good sound advice, however i want to join RA as always been the one i envisaged doing and im joining to serve not drink tea and look at maps as intel has been described.

    Been behind a desk for 14 years and think RMP / Intel would be more of the same just for less money. Is that correct assumption?
    See RA as action and adventure while in my prime.

    Could i move to intel after maybe four or eight years in RA???

    getting close to decision time so advice welcome.
  2. max age for gunner is 26 1/2 isnt it?
  3. I understand it is 33.
  4. In my opinion that is not a correct assumption
  5. Would you agree in principle with the advice of recruiter?

    Are you in RA?

    Is 30 too old to join such a role and have a career?

    Im not after medals or glory but i want to serve and not be involved in purely clerical work in an office type environment but due to my experience and education thats the way i feel im being led.
  6. Check your pms. Drop Short.
  7. I'd say niether RMP or Int corps soldiers spend their whole careers behind desks, (yes there is some admin in both job choices tho) perhaps you should go back to your AFCO and see if you can talk to someone from these professions?
    No I am not RA.
  8. 12 soldiers from the Royal Military Police have died in Iraq, with 3 others from the Int Corps. Both have also lost soldiers in Afghanistan. None of them died 'sat behind a desk'. Hope that answers part of your question...
  9. It does thank you. meant no disrespect to anybody i just want to cut thru some of the siht that gets said on the forums and had lots about both intel and RMP being this and that. Am going to have a serious think and chat with recruiter before making final decision.
  10. Assuming that your recruiter has got the age limit for RA correct (and i'm not so sure he has) then as you state his advice is fairly sound.

    However, should you decide to opt for the Gunners, your age should give you that bit of an advantage early on over you fellow soldiers in respect of the maturity you automatically bring to the table.

    As long as you are not a congenital idiot and 'screw the nut', then this small advantage could secure you relatively early advancement.

    Points to note, there is a fair amount of tea drinking/sitting about in any branch or arm of the service. Also, the Gunners consider themselves very much a teeth arm (look it up if you don't know what i mean) and will take no prisoners when it comes to physical training and job demands. So to that end applying for the Gunners will ask a lot of you vis a' vis age.

    You need to bear in mind that promotion is always awarded on merit, and certainly not a 'given'.

    Finally after four or so years, you will, if you have been working hard as above, just have started to get somewhere so changing career would not necessarily be wise.

    Bottom line, you must make your own choice, and base this on what you want to do with your career. I consider it an honour to have served, but even more so to have served in the Gunners, the finest regiment IMO in the Army.

    Good luck whatever you choose.

    PS.Book your frontal lobotomy for the RMP in advance of training.......
  11. You join the Gunners there is a lot bigger world and choice open to you,it isnt just about firing big guns,there are a number a trades with in the Gunners themselves,for example I am in a air defence Regt,I have served in the command side,working in the CP,moved onto the launchers and stayed there for a bit,I then moved over the MT as part of arty log or G4 and will see out my twenty two years there,also I have been attached to the Gun Bunnies and worked on the gun as well as the locating regt,as well as that deployed in the infantry role to iraq and NI,so there is a big world in the Gunners,also mate would you like to be a RMP who is dislike by three quarters of the army lol
  12. Correct, upper age limit for standard (adult) entry is 33 years old.
  13. sirtrev,

    Perhaps it might be useful to think long term as well. What do you actually want to do for a living and what do you want from the Army for when the time comes to return to the big bad world.

    All trades offer something, but some more than others.

    I would like to think that any prospective Corps, Regt would like to know why you wnat to join them!!! You're not quite convincing me that you've given it too much thought.

    I understand that RMP are often over-subscribed and can afford to be a little choosey (although you may not believe that!!). Your comments may be attractive to them.

    Anyway, place all your trust in the recruiter - they won't have any loyalties in advising you.................who was your local Inf Bn again :wink:
  14. Hello,

    I was told similar by the careers office the other day. Spoke to a friend of mine in the Rifles and he told me I would lose all the characteristics of what makes me 'me' if I joined the RMP, however good the role might be and how good I may be at it (I like this particular friend of mine, don't need to blow my own trumpet-he does it for me!). I am looking at Int in a serious way, aswell as AAC *BUT* have something that really interests me about RA.

    I am leaving my current job because of a desire to do something rather than listen to people moan about things they should be grateful for(am currently a Financial Advisor).

    Ive applied for Sandhurst so would be looking at Officer levels in these 3 Corps, but really want to know the same as Sirtrev although slightly younger. :) I have only just started this process, but want some honest opinions from the people who serve in each Corps rather than what the recruiter or friends (in positions I'm not allowed to do due to being female etc) have to say.

    Thanks for any honest opinions.
  15. Remember the recruiter has his quotas to fill for the month so don't think that his advice is impartial.

    Be very wary of joining the RMP. It is not like any other part of the army and you cannot consider yourself to be part of the same organisation.

    If I were you I would join the gunners, and if you don't like it look at a transfer once you have had your fill of tabbing and humping shells.