recruiter posting??

ive been offered a recruitment posting for 2 years. has anyone done this as i dont know what the "job" offeres, what you do ect (prob brew bitch?)

cant find anything on here about it :(
Mate of mine did a recruiter posting with the crabs.

He got sent to Liverpool which was horrible mainly due to the fact he was a Mancuinian bastard.
On the plus side, he was padded up in one of them nice big posh new flats in them glass towers that seem to have sprung up all down the water front.

On the negative side, lots of pen pushing and the look of pain on his face when meeting up for a few beers was shocking.
It must be torture filling that many young impressionable poor souls with so much bull shit, it scrapes away at your very being!
ive been offered the posting in stafford, i could do with a decent pad as i have a littlen, german shepard and a husky,
i know that 22 signals reg are based in stafford so im wondering if i would be padded there :S
i think i get told this week coming if im on it or not,

i can see it been alot of pen pushing but i havent got a clue what to expect.

did he mention weather or not it was a decent thing to do?

i know it looks good on you SJAR in the long run, but its 2 years out of trade....
Dunno how the army do it but in the RAF, recruitment and training postings were usually to see out your final days.

Ideal if you have a sprog really as its 9-5 office work.
training postings are more common in the army to see you out for your last time in service, however army recrutment teams are massivly man down at the moment, probs why there is a high demand for it and they dont mind who does it.

i guess we shall see what happens then :)
Good luck with it kid
Porch IM me with any questions you want answering.
Spent three very happy years at the Careers Office in Darlington. Learned alot and when a recruit joined it was very satisfying to see them come back six months later, completely changed for the better. Trust me there is no science you can apply to who will make it and who won't. I saw a lad who was a Sgt in the cadets join and claimed discharge as of right within six weeks because he couldn't hack it and then would see someone at the opposite end of the spectrum (Playstation till all hours etc) who would come back to the office as a satisfied soldier.

The days of a recruiter post being your last one to see your days out went years and years ago. It was decided in the 90' that it did not portray the right image to see some fat balding sgt sat behind a desk wheezing away.

Hope you enjoy it.

PS take advantage of the stability and get yourself to nightschool or day release to get some qualies while you can - you need them in civvy street, Impossible to be overqualified.
A bit late on adding to this thread but... I was a recruiter for 2 years in Manchester a few years back!!! it wasn't my last posting (left Army in 2005) although it was close, in fact I did want to finish off in the role but REME records decided I needed to do 18 months at a unit where I was not really needed (no specific role) and ended up hating it enough though I was promoted! It also tainted 21 previously happy years! Anyway enough of my moan!
I really enjoyed been a recruiter, it wasnt natural to me, however, it influenced my career direction after Army life (I now work in an office).

As mentioned above there was deep satisfaction in seeing someone walking into the office 1 day, been selected with good reports and then 12/18 months later seeing them turn up at the office as a satisfied soldier.

So if you get the chance do it, yes its pen pushing but its what you make of it, it allowed me to live at home (albeit a 90 mile round trip every day), work normal hours with not much weekends or duties! I doubt its changed that much in 10 years.

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