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I began applying for the Army around October last year and progressed through passing the basic skills assessment, BARB test and medical clearance.

According to my application booklet the next step is the recruiter interview at the ACIO with my Army Careers Advisor.

I'm abit confused with how in depth my knowledge should be at this point however as I realise there are further interviews down the line.

Will the recruiter interview include the training the pipeline, a knowledge of current deployment for the Army in general or will it be more about my individual chosen cap badge and the role I am applying for and why etc?

Is this the stage I need to have my icebreaker prepared or is that not needed till the IDST?

My chosen cap badge is the Royal Corps of Signals and my top three chosen positions are communications engineer, communications operator and installation technician.

I've done a few searches on-line and on this forum but I think I've confused myself abit and now I'm starting to panic about how in-depth my knowledge needs to be at this stage, as a result I'm worried about getting too into one area and missing another entirely. For example, will I be expected to have a knowledge of the signals history, current deployments, hq/where they train etc or is it more about the Army in general?

If anyone doesn't mind pointing me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it, cheers!


Prepare for incoming from Disco! Search function is there for a reason mate. I'm almost certain that there are many posts on the forum about interview advice etc.

If you are referring to the interview 3 (which I think you are) then you need to know roughly where you will do phase 1 (and phase 2 if appropriate). You'll need to know what you will be taught there, how long training will last and also the terms of service. Basically the terms of service are, you sign up for 12 years (if going regular soldier) but are only required to serve 4 before you can choose to leave or extend. I got asked this and just assumed you signed up for 4 years. This is incorrect. You may even impress them now that you know what the terms are.

You don't need to know your icebreaker but I would work on it from now until pre-selection/selection because the more drilled into your head it is, the better.

P.s - You need to know about your first choice quite well but the other two you just need to have a rough idea of where you will be trained and for how long.


Rightly said! Read the stickies, the info is there and you should really be doing as much research by yourself as possible.
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