Recruiter got it wrong!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Sussex, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. No need for any replies, just want to wine......

    Passed ADSC in Oct/Nov waited for my first choice and was not put before the board (never mind). Talk with recruiter about other options and Identify two that I would like to do. I make my interest perfectly clear ‘Sgt. I want to do....when is the start date for phase 1’ ‘March ‘Ok, sounds good gives me enough time to prepare and say the good byes’ ......later I confirm the date with him again and when he would like me in to do the oath and sign on the dotted line. The other day I get a call from him wanting to confirm my choice and availability.....I mean come on how difficult is it? :frustrated:
  2. whine?

    you mean you would rather he just assume you will turn up (when many do not).

    it sounds to me that he was showing concern for you, and that you are "wining" (sic) without cause.

    wind your neck in.

  3. Calm down dear!

    What if you had changed your mind? What if you had forgotten? (some do!)

    Is it not better to check, check and check again than bu99er things up? Get used to it!

    (Bed check, kit check, webbing check, weapon check.....)
  4. He is doing his job and confirming what you have been told...
    You will find out when you start your training pepole will confirm
    things to make sure its sunk into your shell..
  5. stop bloody moaning. would you rather they completely forget about you and ignore you?
  6. I know it's best to check the details (I have seen some of the people that enter the ACIO) but my 'moaning' is more about the fact I was told I was 'loaded on' and just waiting for the pre-joining info rather than the fact that after our chat nothing appears to of been done....and before anyone comments I know there is more that just myself the recruiter is dealing with.
  7. what did you choose in the end?
  8. I think you have a valid complaint. However, you seem to be ranting and your sentences are a little hard to construe.
  9. So your not even in and your already saying you know more than a snco

    you will go far young man
  10. So you are saying he is wrong on the basis that he is of a lower rank?

    Have you ever dealt with army recruitment?
  11. Dont follow the last post? but at no point in this thread have I ever said I know more than my recruiter or indeed the porcess of recruitment. However
  12. I cant see what your complaining about??

    Sounds to me like your Recruiter was checking that you were still interested and hadnt changed your mind.
  13. Not really. I think the complaint really is that the recruitment office hasn't done any work since he confirmed and reconfirmed his job choices.

    He wants to move on in the recruitment process but the recruiment office seems to him to have dragged its feet.
  14. ... however what? How can you justify complaining that your Recruiter was checking that things were set, you were happy with your choices/dates and you knew what was happening?
  15. Things take time as we all know, if he was so concerned why didnt he ring his Recruiter and ask him what was going on?