Recruit Weekend

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Queen_of_Lesbeth, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. I have my first Recruit Weekend this weekend and was wondering apart from the obvious things like clothing and money etc if theres anything else I should take? Also will the regulars be there aswell or just the territorials? Only proper answers please.
  2. Take Smokes, lots of smokes and a small flask of coffee for those "take a 5/10 minute break before the next death by power point. Stimulants are your friends ......
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Depends. Where are you going?
  4. Who is it with? Where?
    Just take the basics of what you need, spare clothes, wash kit and cash. A thermos for a brew as mentioned and...............a notebook, pens and pencil, ALLWAYS have that on you.
  5. Oh, take an iron, medium/large padlocks, some chocolate (for before your run), pens, small pad that fits in your pocket, green string, pen knife, black nasty, haribo/gum sweeties and a sense of humour.
  6. Its in Maindy Barracks, Cardiff. Im the only one going out of my unit but this sargent who rang to make sure i knew where i was going did say something about the royal welsh.
    I was told the day of powerpoints and talks would be boring.
    Stupid question i know but what do i need a padlock and pen knife for? Green string?
  7. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    If it's your selection weekend, I wouldn't bother with the pen-knife or string to be honest. The padlock is needed though as you'll be in shared accommodation.
  8. Padlocks are to lock your kit away in lockers - some people have magnetic hands.
    Pen knife is a very handy tool to carry.
    Green string and black nasty is used to fix things- always handy to have on hand.
    Wrist watch is also a must. Something simple that you will not mind getting bust/lost.
  9. howd u get on with this i was wondering as im going to the same barracks for my RSW
  10. Obviously the barracks arnt the Ritz but they were clean which is all you need. I was the only female so had an 8 bunk room to myself and shower room. (BTW my shower room was on the bottom floor with a giant window and no shower curtain so take a spare towel to hang on the curtainless rail)
    You wont need a padlock as the lockers all have keys but take one just incase.
    Take a pillow case and sleeping bag unless someone has offered to lend you one. The pillows in my room were all really flat feathered pillows but they did say you can take anything you want to next time so im taking my own pillow as some had blood and stuff on.
    The food was nice but quite heavy: Breakfast was a full english or cereal. Lunch: lasagne, chips, fish in batter. Dinner: Cauliflower cheese, shepherds pie, chips, veg and desert of a selection very nice looking cakes. The cook was very nice and for some reason encourages the girls to eat and fatten up.
    All in all it was a very good weekend very informal and relaxed.
    Saturday was all the fun stuff : leaderless tasks and PT. Sunday was like death by powerpoint.

    One of the PT Instructors has a saying that is very good for getting through the PT tasks: Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever.

    Good Luck!
  11. It was pain is temporary and glory is forever unless he changes it when he feels like it. Its a really nice barracks with really nice training staff it is a lot to take in so make sure you have a notepad and pen and ask questions. Early starts and latish nights but all in all I had no complaints. I did my RTC there. You won't need a padlock its just more weight a coat hanger of two is handy though and a pillow or pillow case and a sleeping bag as the blankets looked horrific and the stains on the pillows made me a little nervous but all in its a good laugh and you will love it :)
    oh yeah and the run is pretty easy too only around the out side of barracks just save some energy for that hill :)
    good luck let us know how you got on
  12. ALWAYS take a padlock!
  13. Glad you enjoyed it

    2 questions

    1. Were you impresed by what you saw enough to continue
    2. More importantly, did you impress enough to be asked to come back ?
  14. thanx for the info i dont have a date for my RSW yet as im only just taking the medical next week but i was told they run every month so it'l either be may or june that i go.
    did you have to wear the manky coveralls intended for 7 ft giants?
  15. you wear the coveralls for everything except the run and if ur little (that is an assumption) take one from your unit their bound to have smaller coveralls. To the person asking what to take all sugestions so far are diamond but for every weekend after rsw (ours changed to a day but other units probably do it as a weekend) take pro plus only thing that stops me nodding of, on a sunday after a few beers, early morning and a lovely pti, during a powerpoint bonanza or video from 1900.